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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by kevingrng, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. kevingrng

    kevingrng New Member

    anyone on just-it? or had any experience?
  2. Mecha

    Mecha Bit Poster

    All I know they advertise jobs on sites and stuff, pretending like it's a real job but it's only training to "get" that job. I have gone through the phone calls, and the group video conference but I didn't go through with it personally
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  3. soundian

    soundian Gigabyte Poster

    Depends which justit you mean, I've found just.it, justit, just-it and they appear to be different.
    If they are advertising training on jobsites disguised as jobs then I would have a very serious think about the implications of that. They might see it as a good marketing strategy, I see it as lying. Do you really want to give money to people that are prepared to lie to you from day one?
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  4. Big Brotha

    Big Brotha Bit Poster

    They have a “job guarantee” scheme that they’ve been promoting for a long time, I don’t know the small print of it but I haven’t seen much publicity about people feeling conned by it; I’m just waiting for a clued up law student to take them up on the offer

    I’m sure we’ll have one or two new members sign up to this forum just to make a solitary post about a training provider now!!

    Was the group conference advertised as their free day "try before you buy"?
    I thought that was supposed to be an actual day of Instructor lead tuition (with the salesmen on hand and fully prepared to take your signature of commitment)
  5. JimConnolly

    JimConnolly Bit Poster

    This is one company I was reading about recently. They have a nice website and the offer of a job certainly looks attractive.

    The "pay back when you get a job" agreement is available to download from their site.

    There are a few things in the agreement that I personally would be uncomfortable with, which is why I've decided to start off with self study.
  6. Simon Perriton

    Simon Perriton Bit Poster

    My name is Simon Perriton and I am the MD at Just IT Training. I am interested in feedback on what people think of my company so we can continue to develop and improve the service we give people. You comment;

    "the offer of a job certainly looks attractive"

    As people have said on certforums before a job guarantee is not a practical thing to offer. Just IT offers a 'Money back job guarantee'. This subject to people passing the exams on the programme - so check out the T's and C's on the web site.

    You then stated;

    "There are a few things in the agreement that I personally would be uncomfortable with, which is why I've decided to start off with self study"

    If you can give me some feedback on these things I would be keen to see if I can make you confortable with them. Just IT is a company that is flexible to peoples needs, so you can contact me directly on 0207 426 9839 or [email protected] to talk things through if you want to.

    Good luck in your IT career.



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