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Jump Menu & Lis/Menu & User accounts & Upload Script

Discussion in 'Web Development & Web Hosting' started by HTF, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. HTF

    HTF Byte Poster

    Hello and good morning everyone,

    1. Jump menu in Dreamweaver

    - I created simple exaplme to help you understand my issue http://wook.sytes.net

    - I've set jump menu in Dreamweaver with button so I could choose from drop down list a product and then, when apropiate product is selected, it should go to URL address (for exaplme payment website with paypal button), there is submit button which also should post a form to me with all the details from the form (in exaplme is just jump menu) all is fine when there is no action on the button but unfortunately, with action - submit form, I receive the form but it's not going to the URL from the jump menu.

    2. List Menu in Dreamweaver

    - how to create list menu which would be apper according to the selection of the prevoius list menu

    - for exaplme if I select from the first list as a operating system windows on the next list should apper: XP, Vista, 7 and the if I select on the first list Linux on the next one should be Fedora, CentOS ect.

    3. User account

    - is it possible to create some database in dreamweaver so users could register them self on my website and give them access to the folders on the server via FTP for web hosting, can I use Data options in dreamweaver to achive this? I was thinking give access to users via isolated FTP site but then users won't be able to change their passwords etc. Is some easy way to achive this or I need php to run this, I'm runing my server on Windows platform?

    4. I'm looking for some php script for uploading files from the browser so I could easly set with my upload form on the website.

    Certifications: A+

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