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Job Interview

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by martin121, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. martin121

    martin121 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to the forum so hopefully it will benefit me. I need your help as I have an upcoming job interview

    Working for the NHS the are seeking 4 x 1st line support technician to join their expanding team. The role requires a dynamic and proactive individual who will be able to work well with the IT team already in place -

    Trust current support over 10,000 users comprising of 140 + sites

    This role would suite IT graduates looking to get work experience

    Key to the role:
    * Provide level 1 telephone support, with a continuous drive for first time fix.
    * Log all requests received into the helpdesk, manage workload effectively ensuring any outstanding level 1 tickets are updated on a daily basis and clearly show what progress has made and what the next step is..
    * Consistently provide excellent "can do" customer service ethic with both internal and external customers

    The successful candidate must be educated up to A level standard and be polite, presentable and good in customer facing environments.

    Desirable qualities
    * Citrix exposure
    * Knowledge of routers and switches
    * Experience of WAN networks
    * Active Directory
    * Exchange
    * Helpdesk call logging tools
    * Remote desktop support
  2. FlashDangerpants

    FlashDangerpants Byte Poster

    Good news, you have mastered the Paste function.
    Unfortunately you forgot to to mention what help you require.

    I wouldn't stress out too much though, the "can do" attitude bit is the only relevant thing in there.
    Everything else at first line is basic common sense (don't hit buttons if you don't know what they do).
    The list of desirable qualities is just something the recruiter pasted in there to take up space.
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    WIP: Exchange 2013
  3. rocdamike

    rocdamike Byte Poster Gold Member

    Hi Martin,

    Welcome to CF!

    My interview tips would be:

    1. Show hunger and willingness to learn
    2. Don't lie about knowing a particular technology; be honest
    3. Think about previous scenarios (at previous workplace or in education) where you have solved a particular problem. Use the S.T.A.R. technique
    4. Think of some questions to ask the interviewer related to the position you are applying for
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  4. adam9

    adam9 Bit Poster

    Are they still using that phrase, "can do" good golly it was cringe worthy the first time I read it, the subsequent times I read it and reading it now. Urgh! "I have a can do attitude." I just get this image in my head of logging a call in remedy and standing up proclaiming I can do! Urgh! Or worse yet saying it in an interview.

    I know I'm probably alone on that.

    Ok so 1st line support is mostly about interpersonal skills with customers. Get that across in the interview, in terms of your personality by being enthusiastic and friendly and examples where you have dealt with people.

    Tell them how you always take ownership. Use that exact phrase that you take ownership of tasks and that you will do so with calls logged.

    Tell them you will keep the customer updated and apprised of their issue even if it means getting an earful from them because there is an outage and their fix is being delayed. Say how you can use the call logging tool, Remedy or Siebel or whichever to keep the call updated and set it to remind you when to next contact the customer and keep your workload managed and organised based on priority also.

    Use any and all examples from any voluntary or paid work you have done in the past. If you haven't done any of those you can still:

    Go into details where you have diffused a heated situation or really showed empathy with someone's problem or talked someone through fixing a situation.

    Give instances of you being reliable and hardworking e.g. getting up early for any activity or training / reaching a certain level in something through dedication.

    Show how you have been dependable to people, say that your friends and family can always rely on you and how you may have helped strangers on the street. Always give examples.

    Talk about pressurised situations you have been in and how you remained calm, composed and able to resolve a task under that pressure.

    Do read up online about commonly asked technical questions. For example if a user cannot log in go through the logical process i.e. ask the user if CAPS LOCK IS ON etc.

    Working out why someone is having a network related issue. Command prompt (cmd) can show if a network cable is unplugged using ip config etc.

    If you have time you can install Active Directory on your pc or a spare pc and play around with it adding users etc and say you have enough familiarity with it to be able to learn very quickly how to use it effectively and that you have a passion for learning so that you can one day impart knowledge to others etc. I might be getting too cheesy.

    Oh and just to add quickly because it is the NHS talk about how serious you realise resolving calls will be. That you want to be part of a team that will keep something as critical as the NHS running as smoothly as possible, for the benefit of all patients, even if it is behind the scenes and that you will derive a great deal of moral satisfaction from that. Say how you can appreciate how busy and pressurised NHS staff are and that you will always do your best to make their jobs easier by resolving their technical issues. We have reached cheese overload.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2014

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