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Job interview on the 22nd, what to revise!

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by orangepeeleo, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. orangepeeleo

    orangepeeleo Nibble Poster

    Hey guys,

    So i'm leaving the army on the 21st and as luck would have it i have an interview on the 22nd.

    Dunno if you remember my thread about my 'technical interview epic fail' and dunno if i told everyone but i couldnt have failed that badly (or others failed worse) because they invited me in for an actual interview on the 22nd (this was about a month ago so hopefully the other 3 candidates have found something else by now :))

    Now so that i don't screw up the next interview what kinda things should i be revising before i go?? I was thinking that if i get network connectivity down and just hammer that chapter in my A+ book then i should be safe on the technical side as most of the guys questions on the phone interview seemed to be based around IP's, internet connectivity etc

    My 1st line experience in the forces was mostly hardware based so i really struggled with his theory/software questions the first time around tbh and don't want to screw this up, also, im REALLY worried about the competency questions, like, give us an example of when you had a difficult customer and how you dealt with it, how the hell do you prepare for those as the variety of questions must be huge so you cant really prepare an answer.

    Don't know if its because this is my first interview since leaving, and it would be absolutely perfect if i got this job, but im starting to flap about this already lol, and its a week and a half away! what am i going to be like the night before :eek:

    On a slightly different matter, how do you avoid skills fade in IT? Take me for example, passed my A+ at the start of march and now havent really thought much about what i covered since, do you just read random chapters to keep you sharp??
    Certifications: A+
    WIP: N+

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