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Job Interview - IT Technician

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Kopite_21, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Kopite_21

    Kopite_21 Gigabyte Poster

    Good Morning,

    I'm after some advice really. I have a job Interview tomorrow for a position in a Trust Company for the position of IT Technician after passing my 1st Interview last week my Interview tomorrow is with a Director and Head of HR. They also require me to take a personality profile test which I need to complete before tomorrow (never done one before) and also they are going to ask me to do a short multiple choice IT Test once there.

    So am just wondering if anyone out there can give me some ideas of what the IT Test will consist of and sort of questions that HR will ask me?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Coupe2T

    Coupe2T Megabyte Poster

    HR questions are usually fairly standard, If you google you will find loads of examples, and most will ask you variations there of.

    The technical test side of things can be difficult to guage. What does the job role list as roles and responsibilities. IT Technician is rather vague and doesn't really give a clue. You can expect the test to be targetted towards the sort of systems and infrastructure that you would be expected to look after should you be successful.
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  3. crazy horse

    crazy horse Byte Poster

    I agree with Coupe2T the technical test can vary depending on what the company feel is appropriate for the role you're applying for. I'd have a look at the job description (if you have it) to see the types of technology they expect you to be exposed to - the test should* be aligned to that. I know Technician roles that will be anything from installing an application on a local machine to managing windows servers + network infrastructure. Unfortunately, job titles can vary considerably between companies, locations and industry sectors.

    * I say should because it will very much depend on who's written it and what brief they were given

    In terms of the type of questions, as a manager I focus on looking at specific competencies that I need for the role. For a typical technician, aside from purely technical I always look for:

    1. Customer Focus
    • A question might look like: tell me about a time where you've delighted a customer? Examples might include how well you've handled a particularly difficult problem and delighted the customer at the end of it.
    2. Results Focus:
    • A question might look like: tell me about a time where you've had to deliver a significant activity
    3. Planning your time:
    • A question might look like: tell me how you prioritise your calls, what approach would you take. Looking for a logical approach to solving problems by understanding the impact of the issue and the urgency of getting it solved
    I'd also want to know why you want this IT job and why this company.

    Note: I'd tailor those questions if this was your first role with a company, as I'm unsure of your experience, I've left it generic.

    Last piece of advice, if they do ask for examples, always ensure you tell them about what you did. The amount of interviews where i'll get people saying "we did that and then we did this" - 8/10 I find when probing that it's the other person who did the work and the person in front of me is trying to claim their win.

    All the best for your interview tomorrow, I hope you get it!
  4. Kopite_21

    Kopite_21 Gigabyte Poster

    Hi Guys,

    Just thought I'll keep you updated, I went for my Interview last week and have to say I think it went well. I was there with a member of HR and one of the Directors of the Company. The HR person was just explaining the benefits that the Company offer like Holiday Entitlement, Pension, Health & Life Insurance etc... The Director was mainly there probing my background and why I want the position and what I can offer, so I just started talking and rambling on a bit.

    The IT Test I had consisted of 25 multiple choice questions relating to Server, Hardware and Software issues also a bit of ITIL was throwing in aswell. I did find the test a it tricky with a few hard questions throwing in and also some Subnet ones which is not really a strong point of mine at the moment. But I did not find out how many I got wrong & right, they explained to me that I will not find out until the 24th as the IT Manager is on holiday for 2 weeks so that was nice of them to tell me instead of waiting.
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  5. crazy horse

    crazy horse Byte Poster

    Best of luck!!

    Whether you get the job or not, it's worth getting feedback on the interview & test. It might help you in the future.
  6. Apexes

    Apexes Gigabyte Poster

    good luck mate.

    i hate subnetting also - i got asked about it before i got this role and just said, sorry - no idea!
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  7. Steevvy

    Steevvy New Member

    Last edited: Aug 17, 2015
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