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Job hunting..Keeping sane..Any advice?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by irish100, May 10, 2009.

  1. irish100

    irish100 New Member

    Out of work now since January...Have applied for upteen roles..My problem is my experience is between 3rd and 2nd support...With past two roles...Working as a contractor in desktop services in 2 enterprise organisations where there are clearly defined..Before where I was I doing a bit of everything..Server maintenance, backups...Very quiet out there as we all know..I have a routine of studying at least 3-4 hrs a day..and generally looking for work..I know my CV is strongish for 2nd level roles and also 3rd level Windows Roles..I want to get working on getting strong in Linux..I have it set up on my PC (Debian)...Any good labs I can go to...TBH some days are great..Working away...Others are down in the dumps...I hate not working..Have applied for volunteer work but cant drive so makes it difficult..So in the downtime have started to learn to drive..Anything to be positive is what I do..Just wondering what tricks/tips some of ye do in a similar position???
  2. JK2447
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    Hi mate, I'm not in your position but you are doing the right thing, gaining some certs and doing your training. Maybe look into CompTIA Linux+ to keep you busy. Also, don't just concentrate on your techie skills. Try and get your soft skills in order too. I did an ILM Team Leader Certificate and ITIL Foundations. Maybe go to your local college and see if they do influencing skills or presentation, something like that. That way, when you get your next interview, you can explain the gap in your CV as a deliberate time out to better your skills. Best of luck mate and above all, chin up, a positive attitude goes a long way IMHO. Cheers James
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  3. irish100

    irish100 New Member

    Thanks for that much appreciated...I still have the interest in it..I put in a lot of time of work on my own..have the linux+ courseware..Will give it another shot...Did nothing but Linux study for a few weeks up to last month but got disheartened..I think the only good thing is the current climate...People especially in Dublin where I am based.Know the current scene.it may sound corny but not worried about gap in CV..The jobs arent there not only in IT but across the board...I'm trying to imagine what I'd do if I got a role..And think that I have to make most of time off for study etc..You're right being positive is key..
  4. UKDarkstar
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    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    Network, network, network !

    I have been jobhunting for a year now and it's a tough market. Who you know can be just as important as anything else so make sure your CV is up to date and with anyone who may come across a job possibility.

    If you're not on LinkedIn then I suggest you join and get as many of your contacts linked with you on there. I know someone who was approached via LinkedIn and has now secured himself a very nice job - that was never advertised.

    After a year I'm also just starting to get one or two recruiters I've been dealing with ringing up with some possibilities but it takes time.

    Also search the various other posts on here for advice, lists of jobsites etc.

    Best of luck !
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  5. Fresh108

    Fresh108 Bit Poster

    Yeah mate, Im in same position as you. Looking for about 6months now, it is ridiculous out there but just keep applying. I've started temping finally (non-IT related). Keep in touch with the previous recruiters/agencies that have called you. I have 3 agencies which I have made into friends now, I ring them every 2 weeks or so, a bit of small talk, etc. and then to the job opportunities, now everytime they have an opportunity they ring me first because I'm fresh in their memory. I just went around my town and neighbouring towns looking around for buildings in the area, then I go home, onto their website and check for jobs.
    The LinkedIn suggestion is very good. And yes, network, it's all about who you know.
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  6. irish100

    irish100 New Member

    Good post..Yeah I have very good contacts...Contacts who only call me when there are roles..Not the time wasters I have to contend with right now...Sweet FA out there (generally) at the moment..But keeping positive and studying away (Plus loads of exercise) is key I reckon..Have tried to get roles in supermarkets etc to tide me over...Nothing happening...They have loads of applicants for retail work with loads of experience..An agency asked me to change CV around...Basically to lie and say I was a labourer for years...Not doing that..Dublin is a small place..Reckon it could haunt me in long run..
  7. ericrollo

    ericrollo Megabyte Poster

    Im doing an ILM course at the moment would you say it is actually worth doing?
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