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Job description dilema - Suggestions

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by topcat69, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. topcat69

    topcat69 New Member

    I've got a dilema over my job description and in what jobs to apply for. My official job description is "Business Systems Architect". But when I've looked at jobs, the roles/duties asscioated with this title, it's not what I currently do. This role I've been doing for about 3-4 years now but have been in IT for over 10 and it's the first time I've hit a brick wall so to say. Just looking for a new challenge and was wondering where to pitch myself.

    Within my job, I wear many hats according to the nature of the work, and this is what I do.....

    Business Solutions Architect

    Responsible for:
    • Engage and assist customers and any identified opportunities for the development and delivery of technical solutions for project proposal and delivery using Prince2.
    • Formulation of customer ICT strategies.
    • Technical bid lead for identified opportunities and providing support to the business development & relationship manager’s teams with technical pre-sales support.
    • Hosting pre-sales meetings with external clients to give advice on technical and business solutions to meet their requirements.
    • Requirement of a high technical understanding with excellent commercial and business awareness.
    • Extensive knowledge and understanding of leading ICT architecture technologies and techniques.
    • Play a leading role in identifying, facilitating and establishing technology as an enabler for customers
    • Being able to bridge the gap between business needs and technological solutions and encourage the effective communication between all parties.

    Technical bid lead and IT Transition Manager
    Responsible for:
    • Execution of service introduction process on the portfolio of corporate projects
    • Being able to be proactively engaged with project managers and business units to support the successful change to service and systems.
    • To develop and drive the delivery of service improvement plans and continuous improvement activities across the group and having an understanding of IT development and service delivery processes.
    • Management of all technical solution phases of the bid process from initial client bid engagement through to final contract award and into transition.

    Central Infrastructure Team

    Responsible for:
    • Provide 3rd/4th line security support
    • Consultancy for Local Government.
    • The delivery of various infrastructure projects to tight deadlines.
    • The implementation and testing of new technologies
    • Making recommendations on new technologies to HBS and its customers.

    Any suggestions would be great thanks.[/SIZE]

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