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Job Callback

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by rax, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. rax

    rax Megabyte Poster

    Hi guys,

    I recently applied for a job which I didn't expect to be considered for, but to my amazement I got a callback today. The call was missed and the recruiter left me a voice mail asking me to call him back so that he could get a little bit more information about me.

    I'm just a little uncertain what parts of " Office and Outlook" I need to be familiar with and what kind of things I might need to know? I've not really used these programs before and I didn't lie on my CV either, but I feel it would be good if I was at least a little bit familiar with them. I checked out a free trial of it but as far as I can make out (from a quick look) it's basically just for time management and internal emailing.

    Below is a job description from the same employer though it varies a tiny bit.. I couldn't get the one I applied for as it had been removed from the website. This one offers 2k more for the lowest salary..

    *Company name removed* are recruiting a number of Help Desk Agents to join a rapidly expanding team within our client site in the Central Belt of Scotland. We have a number of exciting vacancies at various levels that will involve working within a fast paced and dynamic service desk/call centre type environment as part of a centralised team providing fast and effective support on a national scale. Enthusiasm, interpersonal skills and customer interface skills are key. Technical training will be provided as part of the induction. Your skills and experience should include; required - good communication skills in particular verbal and telephone enquiry handling skills; ability to work within a target oriented environment; knowledge and experience in the use of call logging/customer request recording systems. Knowledge of PC's, associated software and applications. Desirable - knowledge of Microsoft XP, Office and Outlook. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who is keen to move into an IT support position with excellent prospects. If you are enthusiastic and driven with an interest in computers/technology.

    Any Advice would be very appreciated


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  2. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    Generally for help desk support for Outlook can be configuring the Outlook profile. If a user logs on for the first time and opens Outlook you may have to key in the server name manually to configure the profile. Also you may have to work with email sigs and archives, nothing too major.

    Anything technical with Office may be escalated to a desktop support team. 8)
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  3. Mr.Cheeks

    Mr.Cheeks 1st ever Gold Member! Gold Member

    have a look here for some a quick tour on Outlook > requires IE not FF
  4. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    I work with outlook almost daily and Sparky is right in what he says, the majority of the work is not very difficult.
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  5. zebulebu

    zebulebu Terabyte Poster

    Yeps - the advice above is good.

    You'll be setting up profiles, adding profiles to another user's account, giving delegate access to mailboxes, configuring .psts and all that stuff. You may have to use ExMerge (but most Exchange admins don't let first line folks touch it, so probably not) and may be asked to troubleshoot connectivity problems (usually something like a local name resolution problem causing the server to be unaddressable by name with all profiles set to connect using the servername and unable to do so).

    It won't be rocket science, bear in mind, most Outlook 'issues' are, in reality, training issues, as the one tool almost everyone uses (even more than Word) in an MS environment is Outlook - you will end up talking to some real luddites, so be prepared for frustration!
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  6. rax

    rax Megabyte Poster

    Well, I returned the voice mail today and I think I really messed up.

    I wasn't prepared properly for this call and it ended up being like a phone interview(duh). I've been put on the shortlist and apparently (turns out the caller was from a recruitment agency for IT) he hopes to ring me sometime next week.

    The only thing that let me down, apart from my obvious poor telephone skills and rubbish answers as to why I'm looking to get into IT, was that I've got no call center experience and therefor lack call logging experience.

    When he asked why I was looking to get my first job in IT, instead of rambling on to further my CV and say something like "because I'm an IT enthusiast, I've loved working with computers since the day I bought my first one" I reverted back to saying "because I've recently started to study for my CompTIA +A exams" etc.

    I was also asked about how many IT positions I have applied for, I was honest and told him "this is actually only the second" but no, I didn't stop there, I went on to say "to be honest, as I've not actually passed the course yet, I wasn't expecting to get any interest from employers"

    I feel totally bummed out now, I really wish I could turn back the clock and try again! I could always email him, but then, he is after all only a recruitment agent and I don't know if it would make a massive difference or not..

    Certifications: ITIL v3 Foundation, CompTIA Network+
  7. Fanatical

    Fanatical Byte Poster


    Don't be too bummed, IT agency LOVE honest people because the chances are you won't screw them out of comission or be someone who arranges an interview and then doesn't show. I was in a very similar position as you when I furst started looking for jobs although I'd just passed my A+.

    Your basic helpdesk job probably won;t be as "invovled" as it may seem. You certainly won't be deliving massively deep into problems. Password resets, profile set ups and account deletion are the main stay as well as fielding the calls when servers go down etc. logging calls is only as difficult as the logging software and most won;t be brain surgery.

    saying that you will have to elarn the whole set up of the company you work for, what software they use, recurring issues,etc etc and that can be a mountainous task if you work for a large company (like me! :() Trying to remmebr naming convention, server names and what bits of what programs deal with what your trying to fix but no realistic employer could expect you to know that when you start hence the reason help desk is entry level.

    Like the others have said you dealings with outlook etc will probably be vairly repetative with a few odd problems to deal with...

    Chin up!
    Certifications: A+, MCDST

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