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  1. Phil
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    Microsoft, feeling threatened? Surely not!

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  2. tripwire45
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    Scared? Wow. That's a little strong. That's like some people here in the states who get upset with folks buying a foreign made car. "Why not buy American?" they ask. The answer could be something like "When we make a decent product worth buying at a competative price, I'll buy it". Maybe MS should be listening. :rolleyes:
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  3. AJ

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    Hmmm that makes you think [​IMG]
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  4. Gaz 45

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    On a (sort of) similar theme, seen Microsoft's name for the court enforced WMP-less Windows?

    Step forward 'Windows XP Reduced Media Edition' The EU is not impressed.

    And there was me thinking it just came on really small CD's...
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  5. nugget
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    With a name like that you could mistakenly think they've taken the 'bloat' out of Windows.:D
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  6. Phoenix
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    Actually I think thier choice of title was perfectly fair, and the EU can bloody well get stuffed, FIRST they tell microsoft to make available a reduced feature version, they they get pissy when MS name it 'XP reduced feature version' why? will it cause the EU embarassment? or do they think users may actually decide to buy the FULL FEATURED version instead?
    I really do get sick of this 'anti competative' bullshit i hear thrown about by the EU/US DOJ (not you nugget, lol)
    bundling WMP with windows is a nobrainer, just like ford bundle a ford CD player with an explorer or a focus
    the user is well withing thier right to remove it, and add a Sony player without voiding any warranty/support agreement, and the SAME GOES FOR WINDOWS
    IE made a bit more sense due to its tight integraiton and pain in the ass to remove/disable, but this also was largly fixed with XP

    its just a case of pick on the big corporate to make it look like were doing something useful
    something useful would be dropping the idea of software patents COMPLETLY without having to rely on the polish technology minister to keep postponing it because its plain stupid

    as for the iPod/Microsoft Campus problem, it makes somewhat sense, its no different than McDonalds employees being frowned upon for eating Burker king food in the McDonalds restaurant, it doesnt bode too well, and as the campus is the focus for alot of press releases/media gatherings, its somewhat understandable, I however will echo one MS iPod user and say 'when and if you come up with some as stylish, innovative and easy to use, i'll be glad to use my employee discount to get myself one' :)
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  7. Gaz 45

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    Have to agree. Media player is too integral to be excluded, whereas IE could easily be replaced by many other products.

    As for the iPod thing, so what? Other companies, even competitors, are allowed to make good products!
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