Java a good place to start?

Discussion in 'Scripting & Programming' started by Nick74, Oct 3, 2010.

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    Just done Java M255 but flopped on the exam (my fault no revision, was doing CCNA at same time - retake soon).

    I found the material provided in the books provided by the OU helpful and made sense - all TMA's were based on content in the books so could easily enough just put code together and make it work. I averaged 86 across all TMA's.

    The OU forums are also good for helping students with difficult situations as well as the tutorials which I recommend highly going to to discuss with your tutor/students any problems/guidance.

    Some students had no knowledge of Java and managed to get by on the course and probably passed the exam as well! Depends what you want from the course. Some students want to learn Java, some want high mark as possible or just to get the OU points... I mainly done the course for the points towards my OU degree.

    I had no knowledge of Java prior to this only some web programming/very little VB.

    Just wish I didn't overload my self with two courses at once + full time job! burnt out :(
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    That is bloody brilliant, rep for the link looks like a damn fine way to hone your java or .NET skills!
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