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Discussion in 'Software' started by zxspectrum, Aug 24, 2005.

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    Hello again all , i hope everyone is feeling pretty good tonight. Does anyone know why my p2p program would conflict with my msn messenger at all, as its really starting to bug me ? The second thing is sometimes my computer runs rather slow , and i notice when i get the task manager to come up it reports that i aheva program called winxp disable zero which is taking up to 90% usage and really slowing me down , does anyone know what this program is at all as when i end it on the process tree nothing bad happens to the computer, in fact is get back to normal . The 3rd and final query is how can i switch off my xp firewall as that is just using up resources too. Thank you all for your time
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    The winxp disable zero service is only needed if you have a wireless network. If not you can safely set the service to manual or disabled. By default it is set to automatic.

    Go to Control Panel > Administration Tools > Computer Management and click on services, in the right pane scroll to find winxp disable zero, right click on it and tweak it from there.

    Don't know anything about P2P stuff conflicting with MSN sorry.

    The setting for XPs built in firewall is in the advanced tab of the network adapter settings. Right click on your local area connection > properties > advanced and look for a check box. Sorry I can't be exact on this as I am using Windows 2000 at the moment.

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