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Jada:- how I got Voluntary work!

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by UCHEEKYMONKEY, Aug 3, 2006.

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    I'm afraid it was word of mouth,

    I overheard a conversation in the local library about an IT manager who worked at the Local Hospital, the conversation was about new deal employment and a local college that was trying to get people off the dole.

    So I contacted him (IT manager) by telephone and asked about the IT industry, explaining I was studying A+ and what I hoped to do.

    Bold as Brass Monkeys I slipped into the conversation that I needed a work placement for my studies and would it be possible to do some voluntary work?

    I explained although I was taking A+ I was not all together sure of my correct path, having been a little confused by learning providers. He seemed to know all about some of those learning providers and their empty promises.

    Anyway, I was told to send a CV and cover letter to their HR department. I sent one in the post and the other through email. Nothing happened for two weeks then I got an email back from HR asking what dates am I available for?

    It was only for two weeks, but I went in their with the intention of just learning about what IT is and what each role in the IT dept does. Network engineer, IT help Desk, PC support and Database support.

    On the first day they explained to me I was here as a volunteer and would shadow the staff on IT jobs. I wouldn’t get my hands dirty and would have to keep in mind there is no job at the end of it!

    Fine! I thought because at the end of the day I just treated as a sort of holiday, a fact finding mission. After the second day, they let me go out on IT jobs by myself; I just got on with the job because I enjoyed it! Helping people and fixing PC’s.

    Didn’t take the job too seriously, had a laugh with the staff there, started early asked loads of questions and just talked to people about their jobs and what they thought about MS certifications.

    I was totally gob smacked when they asked me if would like to come back!

    Jada – You got to keep trying, have you applied to the local NHS or council? Have you talked to local colleges find out where they send their students then contact the company?

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  2. Jada

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    Thanks for the reply UCM, am like you currently studying for A+, am aiming to take the exams next month, then ill try & do voluntary work like you said with local NHS/council. anywayz good luck in your new position.

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  3. Boycie
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    I know it is hard and you probably feel *it is never going to happen* because that is how i felt at one time. When i stumbled across CF i could see people like myself (and you) have been there and made it. Stick with it. Like my mum always used to say *what is yours won't pass you by*.

    Best of luck. :thumbleft

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