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ITIL & Prince2

Discussion in 'Service Management Frameworks' started by jazzy jazz, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. jazzy jazz

    jazzy jazz Bit Poster

    Hi there just wondering if its possible to self study both of these??

    If so what books do you recommend and would i be able to take the exam with prometric.

    How would i go about getting a job with these certifications
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  2. ericrollo

    ericrollo Megabyte Poster

    Probably but from what i understand is it costs alot

    PS im from walsall/ wolverhampton
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  3. UKDarkstar
    Honorary Member

    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    You can self study the ITIL v3 Foundation and take thru' ISEB or EXIN (ten quid cheaper), booking thru Prometric/Pearson (can't remember which) BUT to take any of the other ITIL V3 papers you must have completed an authorised course (can be online). See something like The Art of Service who are based in Australia (not that that matters).

    In terms of PRINCE2, again you can self study the Foundation exam but you then have to sit the exam at one of the public exam sessions (usually in London). Again, I believe, to do the Practitioner you must attend an authorised course (can be online) - see something like SPOCE

    You should also be aware that the PRINCE2 Foundation is just about to change so you may want to wait and complete it under the newer syllabus.

    HTH :biggrin
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2009
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  4. Bri1981

    Bri1981 Byte Poster

    Hi there, for Prince2 take a look here:
    You can book the exam for London, Milton Keynes, York and Chester. I self studied for both exams using the Prince2 official manual and the Dummies book. The official manual can be a nightmare to read so the dummies book simplifed some areas with good examples.

    For ITIL I used the Art of Service book that came with an online course, nicely laid out and easy to follow. Only took me a weeks worth of studying so I would definitely recommend it.

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