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ITIL Foundation - Updated recommended reading suggestions please

Discussion in 'Service Management Frameworks' started by jaguar, May 5, 2014.

  1. jaguar

    jaguar New Member

    So my last post on this forum is seeking advice and help on getting my first IT job.

    And so, with little to no experience and lots of help from good people on here, I was able to get myself a role as a IT service Desk analyst. Ever since, I have been learning a lot and reading so many different materials to help me in my new role.

    However, I am now looking to get myself from Zero certifications to many..... I delayed doing cert to spend 2 - 3 months in my new role to be sure I really enjoy it.

    My plan is follow this route ITIL -> A+ -> N+ -> CCNA etc.

    So to get started, I want to do ITIL. However, many of the links/directions for resources seem to be obsolete.

    I noticed that "The art of service" book has been strongly recommended many times on here, but all the links I can on amazon to purchase has been sending me to the 2009 version which I believe is now obsolete.

    Not allowed to post links, so unable to post the ones I found.

    Can anyone help with link to a good resource to an up to date ITIL foundation material I can purchase and read to pass this exam please?


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