IT Training Nightmare - Trainers from HELL !

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by jamie, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. jamie

    jamie New Member

    Can anyone recommend any 'good' IT training companies ??

    I went to an IT company for some training and work BUT got cheated by them instead.

    They did not really offer any proper support for IT training. They, certainly, did not offer any help with work placements after the training. The company took all the money that I saved and I got no proper training for it.

    It's no wonder that there are so many complaints about this firm. Many other sites have also contained similar complaints as this one.


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  2. maverik

    maverik Bit Poster

    I am not suprised, with so many companies offering courses at a price, theres alot of money in IT training.

    Just like any other dodgy building firms you here of on the tele, these companies are no different thats why I would ask anyone if they can recommend a decent training company.


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  3. ant2005uk

    ant2005uk Byte Poster

    May I ask what was the name of your provider? Theres alot of cowboy companies out there be careful.
  4. Tom Chambers

    Tom Chambers New Member

    My experience is that there are a lot of cowboys out there, but i think if you ask questions like, what are you getting for your money, who is the trainer? how many people have you trained and at what pass rate? then you can usually see you is going to rip you off.
    I'm looking at The Training Camp (, they do residential, accelerated training so its minimal time out of the office and you get skilled up really quickly.
  5. NightWalker

    NightWalker Gigabyte Poster

    Look at your local College. You know a College will not rip you off. The one near me offers MCSA, A+, Netwok+ and many other IT certs. They are well priced and run them on a block week style. You go and do a full week, then go home and read up a bit, then do another block week the next month etc.
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