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is ubuntu and linux the same operating system?

Discussion in 'Linux+' started by napninjax, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. napninjax

    napninjax Bit Poster


    like there's
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  2. JK2447
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    Ubuntu is a flavour of Linux. There are many variations on Linux because it is Open Source such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, Mint, Backtrack :) etc etc They are all Linux distributions or distro's. Try putting some different versions onto a virtual machine and see what you like. The latest release Ubuntu, 11.04 is pretty sweet IMHO as you can duel boot it with windows without giving it its own partition, it just allocated space to a flat file and adds an entry to your boot loader. Simples
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  3. steve_p1981

    steve_p1981 Byte Poster

    i use mint and it kind of does that same thing, i believe i can uninstall it via windows if i want rid. I find myself using linux most though as it's faster, has a nicer enviroment and i love the virtual desktop screen where you can spread your work over 4 desktops and swith at will. most of all, all the software is free and open office is compatible with MS office files.
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