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Is this a silly question?

Discussion in 'Network+' started by ZPField, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. ZPField

    ZPField New Member

    This may be a silly question, but it's one that has been bothering me since I started doing the N+ course a couple of months ago. Where does the OSI model reside within the PC? Is it firmware or software or a mix of both? Is there one specific file that defines how the layers and protocols interact? Or does each protocol 'seek out' the next OSI level protocol?
  2. sunn

    sunn Gigabyte Poster

    The OSI Model is conceptual description for computer / network communications. It doesn't reside in a device; devices reside in it!

    Maybe you're early in your studying, but let's take look at an example. A PC, from the application to the NIC, it has the ability to reside in each OSI layer. Whereas a hub only resides on the Physical layer.

    It will make more sense if you consider the OSI model as layers that communications traverse and communication components (e.g. cable; switch; router; routed protocols; applications) reside in.
  3. OceanPacific

    OceanPacific Byte Poster

    Ive always compared the OSI model to the Nutrition Pyramid (isnt that what its called?)

    Its not real, its something conceptual, yet all four food groups reside in it.

    Does that make sense?:blink

    EDIT: According to wikipedia its called the food pyramid, but you get the idea.
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