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Is my CV shocking

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Lev Arris, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Lev Arris

    Lev Arris Byte Poster

    Hi all,

    So far so bad in my hunt for a new job. Have applied for loads but got absolutely nothing back.

    I can only put this down to my CV being shocking. I think if I'm honest it is terrible but I haven't got a clue how to improve it other than maybe sending some paypal details for a bribe?

    I am applying for 1st/2nd line IT roles for about 20k. I'm trying to get a junior server support role, but most seem to want server experience immediately.

    Any comments would be greatfully appreciated.

    Apologies as this is another look @ my CV thread.

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  2. Lev Arris

    Lev Arris Byte Poster

    this is my covering letter:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have been working for the Bank for one and a half years. I started as a debt management advisor within the group and self studied the Comptia A+ and then Network + within my own time.

    For a little over six months I have been working as an IT help desk analyst and have qualified with self study as a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician and also recently passed the Microsoft 70-270 exam (Installing, Configuring and administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional).

    Working as part of the IT department I have direct experience of supporting business user. The role involves but is not confined to : supporting network connectivity issues, printers, MS outlook, remote users, desktop users, local profile issues, windows XP, Novell Netware and Lotus Notes.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Certifications: A+, N+, MCDST, MCSA (270,290,291)
    WIP: CCNA ..Global Domination
  3. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    I personally have a number of concerns, but it could just be personal preference:

    Firstly, I would put work before education. I think most employers are going to be much more interested in what you have done employment-wise than what you got at school.

    Secondly, I would lose the hobbies section. If im hiring an employee (not that I ever have), I dont give much of a damn about what you like to do in your unpaid time (when you should be working for me for free, dammit!). If I want to know, I'll ask in the interview. Its certainly not going to change whether I want to interview you or not.

    I would also rework how you are displaying your jobs. It just doesn't gel for me. Firstly, I would want to quickly scan through your jobs titles. Easiest way to allow that is to have the job title on the left, with the description indented to that. Secondly, I would place your company at every job - even if its the same company but a different role. I just dont think that it flows well for me. If im interested in your role as an escalations agent, I want to tell at a glance who you worked for at it, not have to hunt through the cv for that information.

    I would also include a brief description of your role, followed by bulleted responsibilities.

    For a reference, you can take a look at my CV, that I posted. It can give you a bit of an idea as to how I would do it.

    As always, just my opinion.
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  4. kevicho

    kevicho Gigabyte Poster

    One thing you could put on your CV is bullet pointed lists of the software and hardware you are comfortable in using, specifically software you have commerical experience in, if this is more aimed at configuration/support of the software, then that would be preferable.
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  5. sunn

    sunn Gigabyte Poster

    Adjust your CV/resume using Fergal's advice... Overall I don't like the format, but the information looks fine.

    If you have experience it should never be placed after education. You want to highlight experience, not that you went to school.

    Unless the Sales Advisor role was technical (Sales Eng, etc...) I'd drop it. Since you've listed BT Broadband twice, treat them as 2 different jobs. Format should be the same and add a description to the 1st line support role.

    Drop the Interests & Hobbies section. The team and manager will learn about your family and recreational habits after you're part of the team. Unless you're away from the office for many days /year what use is this to the hiring staff? It may come up in an interview, but at least then you can sense the personalities in the room and decide what (or not) to say.
  6. richardw

    richardw Nibble Poster

    This is going to be picky but:

    spelling! grammer!

    Starting from the top:
    age & salary dont matter, driving licence only if a requirement of the job

    too many buzzwords, which have no meaning. state what your looking for in your next role, eg career progression, your general experience, eg customer service, problem solving. Also state what you are currently certified in, & what you are currently studying. eg. Experienced & certified desktop support technician, currently studying to achieve MCSA.

    none of those listed are skills, skills are role specific, eg. Identifying & resolving customer issues

    Why are the organisation names listed? State the qualification name first, with date achieved, then expand, eg the A+ is 2 parts, what 2nd part did you do. Also, if you studied them somewhere, list this.
    You dont have to list all your GCSE's, just put that you gained 7, including Maths & English

    needs a heading
    job title, organisation name, dates
    then description of main parts of role, & any achievements you made
    Can you consolidate the BT jobs?

    Interests & hobbies:
    get rid of it
    Certifications: MOS (Master), MMI
  7. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    The irony is strong here. 8)
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  8. OceanPacific

    OceanPacific Byte Poster

    The only thing I noticed that didnt look good was that you put you like to surf the net. I dont think I would put that in there. Sometimes the fact that your a family person can sell you over someone who is not, which is a good thing. Just depends. But then again thats here in the southern united states, I dont know how its looked upon in the UK.
    WIP: N+, A+
  9. Lev Arris

    Lev Arris Byte Poster

    Firstly thanks to everyone who commented. It was very much appreciated.

    I have created a new CV that is hopefully less dreadful than the last.

    Again if anyone would care to look and pass judgement I would be massively grateful.

    P.S. all spelling and grammar (yes with an "a" :p) mistakes have been purposefully included to confirm you were really paying attention.

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    Certifications: A+, N+, MCDST, MCSA (270,290,291)
    WIP: CCNA ..Global Domination
  10. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    Ok. First off, you arent consistent with your Education. It seems to be going in descending chronological order, yet your second entry should really be first in that case (most recent first).

    I wouldnt use 'as well as' - it sounds amateurish to me. I would use 'in addition to'

    Employment History: I would still recommend putting your job title and dates before company. Employers are more concerned with that than who you worked for.

    Ah the old 'deliberate mistake' routine! I get you.
    Certifications: ITIL Foundation; MCTS: Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010, Administration
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  11. Lev Arris

    Lev Arris Byte Poster

    Fergal u r clearly the man. It would be rude not to leave some rep.

    Thankyou very much
    Certifications: A+, N+, MCDST, MCSA (270,290,291)
    WIP: CCNA ..Global Domination
  12. grim

    grim Gigabyte Poster

    i think your CV is only part of the problem, IT is such a flooded market atm that its extremely difficult to get a job because theres always someone with more experience and certs than you and the employer can now haggle the salaries down because they're so spoilt for choice. where abouts are you looking for a job ?

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  13. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    The re-vamped CV is much better Lev. Good luck with your quest for suitable employment and your MCSA. 8)
    Certifications: C&G Electronics - MCSA (W2K) MCSE (W2K)
  14. Lev Arris

    Lev Arris Byte Poster

    At present location wise I'm looking for a job in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire area.

    Site wise I'm using reed.co.uk, cwjobs.co.uk, monsterjobs.co.uk and occassionally local paper.

    I've applied for about 15 posts now in past 4-5weeks. Got one phone call asking me about server 03 experience which I have none of but thats it. Thus why I posted CV on here and it was terrible.

    In relation to the IT market being flooded etc.. I think thats somewhat rubbish. I think that there a large number of IT jobs going. I notice that a lot of the decent jobs seem to be constantly re-advertised that hints to me there asking too much for too little money.

    The major problem I have found is that you cannot actually speak to companies HR departments as all the jobs are listed through agencies and thus I can't use my award winning patter on some unsuspecting HR rep.
    Certifications: A+, N+, MCDST, MCSA (270,290,291)
    WIP: CCNA ..Global Domination

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