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Is it worth getting 2012 certs if there's no plans to use it yet?

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by dannieboiz, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. dannieboiz

    dannieboiz New Member

    I've been in IT for over 12 years now. My rusty certs consist of A+, MCP/MCSA 2000. Yes 2000!!! :ohmy also have an AS in IT.

    I'm guilty of procrastinating on my certs. I've been with my current company for 7 years as a Network Engineer (they just call me that) Due to the level of complexity and repetitive daily duties, I feel like my skills have not advanced in the last 5 years on my Job. The goal of getting new certs is mainly for show "knock on wood" but I hope I don't have to use it for an interview anytime soon. I just want it to have it.

    Our Server is expected to be update in 2 years and when we do this, we generally update the OS. If I sat in for MCSA/MCSE 2008 it would most definitely help with my current duties. But 2008 is getting quite old and having Server 2012 is IMO future proof. If I had to interview again, my 12 years of experience would back up my knowledge of Server 2008 and I think having 2012 Certs would show that I'm trained for the future? Would that be the right assumption?

    I have not been exposed to the job market for so long, but sometime I feel like a BS is what's holding me back on some position that might be out there and was even considering taking a plunge on doing online classes for the next couple years to acquire a BS and work on my certs at the same time. But is it even worth the $30k investing on a BS with this many years of experience behind me or just get updated certs and move on?
  2. kevicho

    kevicho Gigabyte Poster

    You can buy books second hand and self study for a couple of hundred dollars or less (not sure on American prices) and build yourself a lab machine (which you can then use for the 2012 exams, so it shouldn't be too expensive.

    I personally would go 2008 before 2012, but if you have problems with motivation (I would address this before commencing any study) and you don't want to do 2008 then you may as well just go for the 2012 certs.
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