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Interview and Test?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by dazza786, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. dazza786

    dazza786 Megabyte Poster

    Hey guys,

    First of all I'd like to say thanks to all for the community; It's a nice place to be and I feel privilaged to be part of it!

    I haven't really posted much about my current employment status until this thread, mainly because when you have a job, looking for a new one isn't really high priority.

    I'll give you a little runthrough now though :P Basically I feel as though I'm on a sinking ship and as much as I'd like to help them bail out of it, I don't feel as though my efforts / the efforts of the entire IT team (it's a software based company) will be able to save it from it's death. They've made about 12 people redundant in the past 2 months and taken on so much more work than our number can cope with. This ultimately puts more work and pressure on my team which as you can guess, we're not being rewarded for.

    There was a point at the beginning of April when I realised that things weren't as stable as I'd thought. Despite there being a need for me in the company whilst it is working as a business, if the company went bust I wouldn't have a job! Anyway I applied for 2 NHS based jobs localy, both of which involving a support / somewhat managerial based role

    One came back! :D

    I have an Interview \ 'IT Fix Test' next week which I'm kinda looking forward to! So I'll be taking the next week to research, revise and cram as MUCH as I can about the NHS and its workings. The new job would involve a payrise which is great, but also it has a much higher standard of working than my current job which I am looking forward to! To be honest, I feel as though this could be key to my career.

    Out of all of my employment, I've never really had a Test, only some technical and mindset questions in an interview. Has anybody here had an employment history with the NHS or been through Interview & Test procedures? What's your take on things?


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  2. Jiser

    Jiser Kilobyte Poster

    My own experiance with tests (i.t. fix):

    Given a computer and told to make it work.

    1) RAM not in
    2) SATA connection loose
    3) IDE not in
    4) Network cable out
    5) Download a compatibility pack for office
    6) Login properly
    7) Connect computer/laptop to a whiteboard/projector and get the image on the screen
    8) change proxy to access internet
    9) Change options on the bios to boot into windows , e.g. Hard drive/boot order etc

    In one of the tests they tried to confuse me by adding loads of screwdrivers/cables/spare equipment - which was there to outwit me!
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  3. dazza786

    dazza786 Megabyte Poster

    seems simple enough, lol @ the extra cables.

    did they go through step by step?
    1. get the hardware working
    2. get the os working and connected to the network

    or did they literally just give you a box and cables and say make it work-worthy
    also how long did that last?

    obviously i have no problems with them asking me questions which are requirements of the job role, but i just would like to know a general jist and if they tend to try and throw you off by doing certain things
    Certifications: MCP (271, 272, 270, 290, 291, 621, 681, 685), MCDST, MCTS, MCITP, MCSA, Security+, CCA(XA6.5)
  4. craigie

    craigie Terabyte Poster

    Some questions I have been asked include:

    - Describe the 5 FSMO roles and what you would do to forceably move them onto another DC?
    - Describe Domain Local, Global and Universal Groups and what they would be used for?
    - How would you give someone Send As rights on a Public Mailbox?
    - Name the Ports for L2TP, DNS, DHCP, Kerberos
    - How would you go about setting up a fault tolerance Internet Connection which would only be used if they other main line was down?
    - What would you do if you where unable to find a printers IP address, if you could not connect to it?
    - How would you establish if a customer has delays in emails except from sending a test email?
    - How would you add a new route quickly to the following address Subnet Mask
    - How would you secure access from Remote Workers? What would you use and why?
    - How often would you backup this companies information and what schedule would you use and where would you store the backups. Explain your answer.
    - What does TTL Expires in Transmit mean?
    - How many domains would you use in our environment and why?

    Hope that helps.
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  5. XDA

    XDA Bit Poster

    I worked for the NHS as an IT/Field Engineer for just over 4 years.

    The set-up/hardware/software etc various from NHS trust to NHS Trust. Where I worked, everything was heading towards citrix based environment and everything controlled from a central point.

    Alot of the software used by the NHS is web based, so you dont to involved with it. Usually only need to download java or install the client software. Apart from that, its just your usual office applications.

    For hardware, it tends to be Dell/Lenovo pc's and laptops and HP for printers. Again, this may various from place to place. Typical faults are the usual things such as cant login, cant print etc. Hardware tends to be replaced every 3-4 years (it was where I was based) and money tends to be no object with alot of departments when it comes to software/hardware purchases - thats the government for you!!

    Practical test is likely to include the stuff mentioned above. I.e.

    - Network socket not patched in on patch panel
    - Hard drive not connected
    - PSU not connected up inside
    - Mouse/keyboard unplugged

    If you need anymore info, let me know!
    Certifications: IT NVQ Level 3, ECDL, HP APS (2009) and CompTIA A+
    WIP: Lenovo (Warranty repairs)

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