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Interesting and worrying.

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by 1/4, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. 1/4

    1/4 Byte Poster

    Just been looking for a few positions today whilst I have had a couple of hours spare and noticed that a small yet significant amount of agencies and would be employers use non secure connections for their job applications.

    It's asking me to fill in a lot of personal information (obviously) and it's open to anyone. Anyone else refuse to go further?

    I have emailed one or two of the places about this but something tells me they won't care so long as people continue applying.
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  2. kfoulks2011

    kfoulks2011 Bit Poster

    Thats actually a quite common practice in businesses today. Seems very dumb but alot of companies do it. Ive always filled out applications online and any time it ever asks for a social security number i always reply "available upon request." As far as the rest of your personal info such as your name, address and phone numbers are concerned, those are all public information and anyone get obtain it by opening up a phone book. I wouldnt let it keep you from applying to a job that you really want. I would just be careful before entering social security numbers or any other number that could cause you major havoc.
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