Intel Support of Centrino Under Linux Petition

Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by Mitzs, May 17, 2005.

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    "To: The Intel Corporation
    We request that Intel expand support for their Centrino Technology under the Linux Operating Environment. Currently support is quite lacking and only half of the technology has any form of drivers. Intel has flipped on the issue of Linux. When Centrino was introduced they reported that Linux would indeed be supported. Now, after conversing with them, they have said that they have no plans at all to support Linux with respect to Centrino any more than they have. They have refused the release of technical documents which would allow Open Source Software (OSS) developers to write drivers which would allow for support. Intel has a long history of supporting Linux but seems to have decided that they no longer should. This is the first step to a complete drop of Intel support for Linux. Intel only stands to gain by creating drivers as it would expand their user base and create a greater sense of trust within the Linux User Community"

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    Of course, Intel doesn't have to respond to an online petition and you'd have to sift through all the responses to try and determine how well wrapped some of the signers are (some of the comments listed are interesting). Still, they've collected over 9000 signatures so far and assuming they represent over 9000 customers or potential customers, who knows?
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