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Discussion in 'A+' started by MrNice, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. MrNice

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    I have a question on the Inkjet process,
    Q) Which of the following does an inkjet printer use to push ink onto paper?

    1)Nozzles 2)Static charge 3)Electroconductive plates 4)Pressure on inked ribbon

    I my A+ book it says under Bubble-Jet printers, This is actually an advanced technology of Inkjet printers, both types of printers spray ink onto the page, but INK-JET printers use a reservoir of ink, a pump and an ink nozzle to do this, Bubble-Jet's use an electrical signal to heat up the heating element and expand the ink to push it through the nozzle or a piezoelectric element that flexes to do the same job.

    I am adamant that from that the answer is Nozzles, but the tutor informs me it is definately 3 ?
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    I'd fully agree with you MrNice - would this by any chance be the Computeach A+ tutor who, when he can be got hold of, is anything but competent on the subject ?
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  3. Peter

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    I would say that the question is not very clear, Yes you need the nozzles to get the ink onto the paper but without heating the Electroconductive plates or element you would not get the ink onto the paper,

    Hope this helps.

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  4. MrNice

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    In response to Peter, I see what you and my tutor are getting at, but in that case the Ink-Jet process uses a PUMP, it's a bubble-jet that uses the newer technology, and according to my book they are similar but not the same. :hhhmmm

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