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    I applied for a contract tech position (what a shock!) with the folks at

    and got this nice group e-mail from them:

    ***Thank you for submitting your resume to InitiaTEK. We have reviewed your skill set and work experience and are interested in getting to know you better. In anticipation of peaks and cycles in our Network Integration business later this year, we are planning to increase the number of individuals we have working with our Field Technician teams across the United States. We are actively looking for Network/PC Technicians and Lead Cable Installers.

    These are hourly contract positions and do not provide benefits. These
    positions are likely to involve travel - from 25% to 80% - depending upon
    where you live. Please consider this factor carefully to make sure travel is
    acceptable to you. If you are selected for a position, InitiaTEK will
    coordinate and pay for or reimburse all approved travel expenses (hotel,
    meals, airfare, etc.).

    Attached you will find an Employment Application. Please review and
    complete all areas - including the business references. You will need to
    supply current business references, preferably supervisors, with current
    phone numbers. You must also sign the application and fax it to our office
    at XXX-XXX-XXXX. If you have the ability to use an electronic signature and email it, that is acceptable too.

    As part of our screening process we will complete a criminal background
    check. Please send a copy of your driver's license along with your signed
    application in order for us to use the correct spelling of your legal name,
    and birth date.

    For Consideration, All Documents Need to Be Completed and Faxed by Tuesday, July 22.

    Thank you for your time and consideration -

    Best regards,

    The InitiaTEK Team***

    The application is pretty standard. Since my main, money earning job, is non-IT and all my IT jobs to date have been contract, I e-mailed them back asking if they just wanted one, the other or both. Defining who your supervisor is can be a bit of a chore in contract work since the recruiter is the one paying you but you are doing the work for a vendor that has a contract with a client. Go figure.

    Anyway, thought I'd share this one. I've had my hopes up before only to crash and burn. I'm getting pretty tired of delivering mail (my non-IT job).
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    Good luck with that Tripwire, hope it comes through
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Yeah, deff fingers crossed on that one, Trip - let us know ...

    Still waiting on the brealthrough into IT myself :(
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