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Impressions Of My CV?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Dazimus, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Dazimus

    Dazimus Bit Poster

    Morning everyone!

    Just wondering if anyone wishes to have a look at my CV and see where/how it can be improved. I'm thinking maybe I can change my current job description a bit?

    All comments are welcome :D

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  2. scott-jordy

    scott-jordy Bit Poster

    Hi it looks good to me im not to good with cv's though. The only thing i can see which may need changing is the box around your profile other than that looks great , im sure more experienced forum users will be along shortly to offer a hand :D
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  3. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    Yeah, remove the box around the profile.

    Other than that it looks fine to me, no BS and gets to the point.
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  4. nmerrigan

    nmerrigan Bit Poster

    Hmmmm I normally put the logos in the footer so its subtle rather than on the top but that is personal opinion.

    I would suggest always tailoring your CV to the job in question so that the HR profiling person can see all the words/requirements listed on the first page.

    Anyways critique (please note these are just notes for me.. nothing personal ok!)

    Name and details are in the correct spot...

    Lose the box around the profile. And you have over 3 years now. Nov 06 - Nov 09 :)

    Key skills

    The first one is actually a job responsibilty rather than a skill

    Remove site-based as its just fluff.

    "main site" should be plural as you are specifying one of same. Actually the whole sentence doesn't read correctly.

    "Ability to support large numbers of users at all levels of the organisation across several physical sites" is a suggestion

    Hardware experience doesn't read right,

    "Experience in installing, maintaining and replacing desktop and server components as well as expeience in maintaining varied physical server installations"

    Again similar with software..

    I would list AD before O2K3 as you are version behind the times right now (and close to 2 in a couple of months)

    OS' first thing that strikes me is no server OS. But that might not be what you are aiming for.

    Formatting on the PQTs last one needs to be adjusted otherwise it looks sloppy. Do the Lenovo count as certs or are they just training as I would nearly seperate them.

    Also if CompTIA have an online verification service that you can use for your transcript put a link to that in your CV as well.

    Ok some of the wording in your employment history could be tidied up a bit and probably polished to sound a bit better ... (hey all my family is in marketing what can I say)
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2009
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  5. Dazimus

    Dazimus Bit Poster

    Really appreciate your comments, cheers everyone :)

    nmerrigan, thanks for your comments and I'll try and tweak my CV a bit to match your input :D
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2009
    Certifications: A+
  6. Alex399

    Alex399 Byte Poster

    What theyve already said about removing the box
    but! I wouldn't think the comptia logo is nessecary, you would think that that who ever it is reading the CV doesn't need the comptia logo to point out to him that you are comptia A+ certified.

    Its in the first line of the CV so putting the Comptia A+ logo on there is a bit to much shouting in his face about the fact you have a Comptia A+ Certificate, let him know you have the Comptia A+ certificate but don't shout it at him, get my drift :wink: I would just recommend to do without the Comptia logo at the beginning as you clearley state in the first sentence on your CV that you are Comptia A+ certified and if he can't spot that then my worries lie with the person reading your CV not with you :biggrin

    Then again this is just my opinion so take the advice how you like :D
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  7. Dazimus

    Dazimus Bit Poster

    I've dropped the logo to the bottom of the CV now, following advice from nmerrigan and Alex :)

    Unfortunately the transcript URL is too long to fit on the end of my CompTIA A+ cert section, can't really see anywhere else on the CV where I'd put it without it being clearly out of context with the section I put it.
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  8. WinShaman

    WinShaman New Member

    And maybe think about taking SCC of your employment history ...... they'll know your fed up, with no motivation and somewhat suicidal after working for them. ;)
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  9. Dazimus

    Dazimus Bit Poster


    My bosses know I'm looking to leave anyway so that shouldn't be a problem :D
    Certifications: A+

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