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image displaying working only on 1/4 of screen

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by baszan, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. baszan

    baszan New Member


    Recently I’ve changed my broken screen for my laptop. The original model was LP154W01 (TL)(F2) and the replacement is LP154W01 (A1) (taken from HP Pavilion ZV5000 ) . Same model just different type (from glossy to mate). I’m using dell’s inverter and power supply for it.
    I’ve checked screen on different laptop (Toshiba a100) and it was working fine, but when attached to my Dell Vostro 1500 it’s working only on ¼ of the screen – even when starting in BIOS (see picture below):


    I’ve done some research on this fault, and I think it might be related to EDID of the screen, somehow is not recognising properly working resolution by my graphic card (nvidia 8600M GT) . There’s one picture with screen shoot
    But it’s impossible (in my little knowledge) to edit it.
    I’ve already updated my pc Bios and bios of graphic card (used one from my colleague’s vostro )– no joy.
    I’ve also got newest nvidia xp drivers, but after installing it system won’t start – the image is getting black just before logon screen (and it’s still ¼ size before that).

    Everything is working fine when working on Remote desktop on it or when the old (cracked) screen is attached.
    Any ideas how I else I can try to make this screen work properly?
    Many thanks!!

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