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I'm finally doing it

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by punkboy101, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. punkboy101
    Honorary Member

    punkboy101 Back from the wilderness

    I'm outta here. Just handed in my notice at work cause I just booked my flight back to Canada. I'm leaving work on the 5th of Nov, and flying on the 10th. :D

    I've been thinking about it for a while now, but decided today that after a few months of talking about it, I was gonna do it. Man am I hyped :!:

    The only thing I'm not sure about is the sub zero temperatures, I went back to years ago, and landed in the middle of a really really really cold spell. The temp -40C with windchill!!!! :shocked. I think the average in winter is about -20C :eek: , so I'm goin to get me thermal undies now.
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  2. Phil
    Honorary Member

    Phil Gigabyte Poster

    Good Luck Punkboy! hope it all pans out for you, I don't envy the sub zero temps :eek:
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  3. SimonV

    SimonV Petabyte Poster Administrator

    GOOD LUCK Punkboy :thumbleft , keep us informed of how things pan out.
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  4. Jakamoko
    Honorary Member

    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    All the very best, Punkboy - keep a pan of hot water near-by 8)

    Don't forget to tune into CertForums when your there, also !!!
    Certifications: MCP, A+, Network+
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