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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by kevicho, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. kevicho

    kevicho Gigabyte Poster

    Has anyone else had dealings with them in the past?

    Lets just say that I have been in dialogue, sperodically for the last month regarding an issue with one of there "members" and so far have not really got any where.

    My main concerns are about the low quality of the content, with the content itself being:

    Incomplete matrerials
    PDFs which have a section containing nothing but a yellow box with "editors note - what does xyz refer too"
    The company advertising trainers who after more research do not work for them, just appear on the videos
    Videos dating back 5 years plus
    PDFs dating back 5 years plus

    My main concern, as i put this to them, was after me pointing these things out, and sending screenshots of the PDF, and also a copy of an email i sent to this company 8 months ago to make several changes, update the PDFs to at least remove there editors note, that nothing has been done.

    Now the reply was that it seemed they were addressing my concerns, 8 months and not a change to a pdf?
    That is not addressing concerns, that is fobbing people off.

    I could go on with the problems but i have study to do and want to be in a calm frame of mind.

    The company in question is affordabletraining, or livetrain (as they now seem to be known as), it looks like they used to be part of watford electronics, or at least something to do with the company that "bought" them last year for pennies under the name Globally Ltd (they have a "global mentoring system" - which the 2 times i have used it has been chocolate fireguard time) as they are both advertising as being at the same address.

    Also they are lying about there company number on their website, which im sure is illegal, oh wqell i will continue this vendetta another time.
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  2. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    The IITT launched a campaign a while ago to 'regulate' distance learning training providers.
    It seems to be a bit hit and miss, as there is no requirement that I can see to sign up for it.
    Seems that most of the big players are just ignoring it.

    And at the end of the day, who watches the watchers as they say?

    If a company is claiming to be IITT accredited and aren't, then that's naughty but not criminal.
    Trading standards may take an interest, but the outcome will probably be that they are asked to remove the logo if it shouldn't be there.

    Have you contacted the IITT directly?
    If they feel that their scheme is being abused, it will make them look silly and they are the ones most likely to take an interest.
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  3. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    I have to agree, it follows the saying - they can't fix something if they don't know about it.

    One of my mates, who now is retired, use to be a member and he found them useful and helpful (he used to be an IT trainer and developer for a couple of hospitals down in London). Granted this is going back about 4 years ago.

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  4. kevicho

    kevicho Gigabyte Poster

    Yep, ive sent them a few emails, with some screenshots of the pdfs and have included all the information in my above post.

    They said i would have to lodge a formal complaint after i have given affordable/livetrain a chance to respond to my grievances, which i sent 2 days ago, and have yet to receive a reply.

    This is in addition to the mails i sent several months ago

    Will give them a week and make a formal complaint.

    As you have said, whats the point in advertising an accreditation if you do not follow the codes of practice i personally think its just for advertising purposes, to clear one thing up, its not the IITT membership that is in question, it is the company registration with companies house, they have put up the wrong information either by accident, or deliberately.
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