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    I've only really read about these in my studies but realised earlier that I'm still not comfortable with exactly what they do.

    I think this is mainly because I've never really seen one.Can any of you hardware gurus give me a good explanation or even a link so I can see maybe picture examples.

  2. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    Well my monthly computer mag I subscribe to came today.

    It has all about the latest hardware and is very informative.It's where I pick up all my hardware knowledge (which is limited).

    I heard they had just brought out a sister mag all about building your own PC.

    It looks good so I may start buying that just to keep up with the latest hardware stuff.I would like to build a PC someday but I can't afford it at the mo.

    I'll probably buy it tomorrow.
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    I don't know if this might be a bit too basic for you, but there's a nice "in-a-nutshell" article about hard drives here: If you go through the article to the end, you can press "next" and read more about RAID. After that, there's an article on Serial ATA drives. The hard drive section on this site will be expanding soon. The next article will include a comparison of ATA 100 versus 13 drives. Eventually, SCSI, firewire, and the new Serial SCSI drives will all have basic articles published (and I should know, I'm writing some of them). :) :oops:

    Also, a really helpful "how to" site I've come across is: While I'm simply a consumer on this site, I've really found it helpful to do some basic hardware and networking tasks.

    Hope these help.
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  4. Sandy

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    Back in the days when I was young SCSI was much much faster that IDE. These days IDE is catching up BUT SCSI is much, much more costly. In a nutshell think cable here you can attach 7 (I think) SCSI devices on the same ribbon. For the home user IDE is much more cost effective.

    I normally work on big servers and we always have SCSI drives but they are normally about 14 - 30 HD's in them and we do all sorts of things with them e.g. the Root/Boot disk is always mirrored the data disks are normally RAID 5 some are RAID 10 (RAID 5 mirrored some are even a 3 way mirror something Unix can do but I have yet to see NT do).

    Personally, I would install SCSI If I could aford it.


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