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    question: a switch has several ports . lets say it has 24 of them . and this switch has a specific ethernet connection going to it [ but, it is not one of the 24 ports earlier mentioned ] ... it is a connection to the switchs ethernet port and lets say it has the ip address of as well as a subnet mask of [ or /24 .. which represents ] .
    Now, back to those individual 24 / unused ports on the switch . With those empty 24 ports, that means i could connect 24 devices to those ports and configure those ports for dhcp and have ip addresses assigned automatically to those ports that way - or - i could statically [ manually ] assign ip addresses of my own choice to those ports as long as the ip address i assign falls within 0 and 99 in the 3rd octet ? Is this correct ??

    10.22 [ network ] 100.254 [host]

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    A couple of things.. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by assign them an IP address. Layer 2 switches don't have IP addresses assigned to the ports. The IP address would be assigned to the device attached to the ports, not the ports themselves.

    Secondly, the IP range would be in the 4th octet for a /24 mask. Anything between 100.1 - 100.254 are valid addresses on that subnet.
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    As above – assume this is a layer 2 switch?

    If it is VLAN capable you can configure the switch with different VLANs but that would not mean you would have to configure subnets. Generally a Layer 3 device will route between the subnets on your switch and perhaps be the DHCP source as well if needed..
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