I would like to start a Distance Learning course. Advice Required.

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by sammya66, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. sammya66

    sammya66 New Member


    I’m currently stuck in a dead end office job and am desperately seeking a new challenge. Recently I contacted Computeach to enquire about a distant learning package – I have no formal certs or qualifications relating to the computer industry and the little I do know I have picked up along the way – I really want to get back into education but with working full time I feel the distant learning option would be suitable for me. The rather pushy Computeach rep came and visited and he talked through the options available, in the end I’ve been left to ponder over the idea of combining two courses Java Programming and Certified Internet Webmaster at a combined cost of over five grand. My aim on completion of any distance learning course (not necessarily Computeach) would be to hold down a well paid job possibly in website design or a similar role. Although my mind is not exactly made up yet as I’ve seen comments on this forum pointing towards the security aspect of the net (security +).

    I would really appreciate any information on distant learning providers and courses relevant to todays IT industry.

    Five grand to me is a lot of money to throw away – I need to make sure I’m making the right choice.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this J
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  2. Loki30000

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    I to have a simalar dilema, i've just finished speaking to an adviser from Adevnt training he suggested my "niche" would tech engineer but at a cost of just under four grand it is a lot to give up. I am looking around at the moment, i suggest you have a look on www.learndirect.co.uk for advice they can suggest the best and possibly the cheapest courses. if i find out any more i'll post it here. :)
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  3. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Have you Guys considered the self-study route ? Basically, you can save a lot of outlay by purchasing some recognised texts and materials and paying for the exams yourself ? Basically, you would need a lot of self-discipline and determination, but it is do-able, as many of the other guys around here will telll you.

    Just a thought [​IMG]
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  4. Phoenix
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    Id advise against starting with 'security'
    as an IT engineer your likely to find yourself following one of two paths (these often overlap) you are either a systems engineer (OS based, be it Windows, Linux whatever) or a Network engineer (internetworking, routing, other such back end work)
    now security is a vast subject, and important for both of those fields, but its really something thats solidified onto the rest AFTER you have a pretty darn good understanding of the rest, otherwise you only serve to complicate matters, these days many people are required to be proficient at all three of these diciplines, but you have to start somewhere :) and securitys not the best place for that start to be
    (just my 2p)
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  5. Chris Bryant, CCIE

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    It's great that you want to start an IT career. I made a similar decision eight years ago and it's paid off beautifully.

    Having said that, I would do some reading on my own, or take a local class, before I put $5K down for a distance learning class or an in-person class.

    I don't have anything against distance learning; I teach CCNA classes online myself. It can be a great experience. I don't know the details of what this school offered you, but $5K does sound high.

    You may indeed want to go the self-study route for a while. That will give you a better idea of the right questions to ask any school you're thinking of signing up with.

    I did just write an article on my website that you might find helpful right now:


    I'm all for your career change; it worked for me. Being patient at the start can save you a lot of money, though.

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  6. gungladin

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    You can get all the info you need to prepare for the exams on line, but there is little structure.

    Have you considered open university, I know it's pricey but you be well prepared for exams and a future career.

    after suffering a rip off college thats what I'm gonna do. :rolleyes:
  7. 808

    808 Nibble Poster

    i am going the self cert route.i am also starting a degree at the open uni this year(already booked my place).
    i will never use a distance learning college again apart from open uni.
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  8. law123

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    Hi Sammy :D my advice is start doing at least one course self study see if you like it before you shell out 5 big ones you can get books pretty cheap at amazon. Then if you like it you can then make a more informed decision. Good luck !.
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  9. michael0612

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    I've just come to the end of a series of Learndirect courses, under the heading "Programming and Software Development". As I'm currently out of work, I got them for free.

    Individually, they cost £30 to £100 or thereabouts, and provide you with underpinning knowledge, but not practical experience. I learned a lot about the IT industry, software and hardware. I also got the confidence to look into an MS accredited course, such as Computeach, NITLC etc. provide.

    If you are a bit bewildered about the techy stuff and jargon, these courses can shed a lot of light and you only need shell out a relatively small amount at a time.

    Hope this helps.

    Michael :)
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