I think my time in IT is over..

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Juelz, Feb 16, 2022.

  1. Juelz

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    I started in IT in 2015 and I think I will be closing the chapter on this line of work. I just no longer enjoy working with computers and looking at screens all day, troubleshooting and playing with new technologies does not interest me in the slightest. I used to love gaming but after looking at screens all day, coming home to do the same is draining.

    I’ve explored different roles and paths in IT and came back to the same conclusion “this isn’t what I want to do” I did at one point enjoy working in technology but it’s just worn me down.

    I’ve been looking at getting into a role where I can make a difference and have enrolled on a mental health awareness course with the intention of moving into the healthcare industry. It doesn’t pay as well but I’m honestly past focusing on money, if I can earn enough to sustain myself and family and live comfortably enough I’d be happy.

    Anyway just felt like sharing my thoughts with you guys as you’ve been with me from the beginning of my IT journey.
  2. dmarsh
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    Yeah I don't think gaming is a good hobby if you work in IT. I only game occasionally.
    Its best to do what makes you happy, no point being in IT if you don't enjoy it.

    I never worked helpdesk or any real IT roles, I am a developer. Most of the roles probably wouldn't suit me either.
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  3. Juelz

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    Thanks dmarsh, yeah I've had others tell me they were big gamers until they started working in IT. I'm probably still going to have to do another year unfortunately (financial reasons), it will be hard taking the pay cut but have to do it.
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    Thanks for sharing Juelz. I agree if you’re not enjoying it mate. Life if short. Find something you enjoy and feel reward from. You’re a lovely lad and helping others in other ways would suit you I think.

    I’d say this to anyone. I stay in IT because it still floats my boat. And I still sit exams because I enjoy the challenge. In a weird way, I don’t even mind failing because I’m fine with not being perfect.

    I wish you all the best and hope you’ll always still stick around Certforums regardless. This is our modest little corner of the internet and I’ll always love the forum format of sharing thoughts and ideas with each other
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    You need to do whats best for you and the family mate.
    If you arent enjoying it, its going to drive you nuts going into a job every day hating what you are doing.

    Life is too short. Hope you still stick around whatever you choose to do.
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  6. Sparky
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    Bit of shame but if IT isn’t for you then best to move on :)
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  7. Kitkatninja
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    Sorry to hear that mate, but I do understand what you mean... There's been several times where I've expereinced burnout and fatigue in IT, and there is a part of me that is slowly preparing to leave it at some point - move into lecturing full time.

    I do have to say that the healthcare industry/profession is very rewarding. However the level I was, there wasn't alot of pay. I moved from the healthcare profession (support worker/care assistant/senior care assistant, in a few sectors - EMI, residential, mental health, Autism) to IT. However if I had stayed in it, I would have completed my mental health nursing qualification (I was half way thru the NVQ 3, had already completed my UKCC DC test with a plan to enter nurse training 3-4 months later). I wish you all the best, but stick around and let us know how you get on :)
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