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I need advice for a CCIE RS Boot Camp

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by A.Zid, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. A.Zid

    A.Zid Bit Poster

    any recommendation? please let me know. Thanks. and i am currently in UK, and i previously got a recommendation about a 12 Day Boot camp for RS Lab at WinNEt Systems. Let me know any other please. I am planning to face the test on falling November
  2. ManicMonkey

    ManicMonkey Kilobyte Poster

    Have you done any previous ccie related work?

    Boot camps are only a good idea if you happen to be either in an environment where you work with the related equipment or you have previous expereience with the relevant equipment.

    A lot of employers will look badly on a boot camp qualification. What i mean is someone who has a qualification with 0 real life experience.

    Have you considered the self study route? practice at work perhaps, setup a small environment at home?

    edit: Ive just looked at the site ( im assuming this is the one your on about - http://www.winnetsystems.co.uk/inpages/ccie_sp.html) If im reading this correctly then its a boot camp to identify weaknesses in your exsisting knowledge. Not really a suitable thing for someone with no experience in my opinion.
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  3. A.Zid

    A.Zid Bit Poster

    I have about 3 and a half years to back me up,in my previous employment. Do have practical knowledge in working in a variety of routers and switches, configure LAN, WAN, interfaces, and dial access.

    Problem i face is i want to refresh all, before going to the real exam, started with the self study, but i prefer a boot camp as well. trying my best to get through the first attempt after all.

    I am particularly searching one with a good instructor and without simulations.

    Apart from the Boot camp i said previously, I came across few others also.

    Do you know anyone who had followed one, would like to know will my expectations will be met or not.

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