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I do so hate PCs sometimes.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Fergal1982, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    So I've been having problems with my RAID controller where one of the drives failed. On checking, the drive is fine, and the fault moved around the ports.

    I've also been having problems with Acronis True image where it was freezing whilst analysing drives.

    I've been in contact with support for both issues independently. and both have been fairly good. Managed to get the True Image issue sorted with their help (Turned out to be an external drive with an MBR), and performed a full backup the other day.

    Now, with the RAID issue, I bought another drive to install to see if that resolved the issue. It didnt! So support gave me a program to update my flash BIOS on the controller, but i have to boot to a bootable disk to run it. So, without a floppy on hand (I tried booting to my USB drive which worked, but the OS wouldnt run the update), I ripped the card out of my machine and into one with a floppy drive (knowing I was hosing my install in the process).

    Next problem, the installer cant read the FLASH on the controller, so I cant update the files. mutter. Made the decision not to put the card back into my machine. Its obviously faulty and is just going to be a liability. Instead, I figure ill use the MOBO RAID support to create a stripe to run from. This works fine.

    Ram in the acronis bootable restore disk... Kernel Bug error. Best I can manage is to boot it into safe mode, but without a mouse, I cant select the media to restore from, since it freezes whenever i try to cycle through the backup files (.tibs).

    Switch to plan... whatever, and install vista onto the stripe. BSoD every time it tries to boot as part of the install routine. Nightmare! So I decide that Ill install Windows on one of the independent disks, and install my games/programs onto the stripe (giving me 1 for OS, 1 Stripe (2 disks) for programs, and 1 for VMWare Machines). Good plan, it boots and installs ok. Format the stripe in Vista whilst installing drivers, etc. Reboot and I get an INVALID SYSTEM DISK ERROR. Gah!!!!!!! :blink

    Boot back into vista install, and it cant find anything wrong with the install in the startup repair.

    Of course, Another option is to re-download acronis to another machine, and see if i can get a bootable disk that works. Cue the next problem: THe email with the instructions/license key for installing Acronis is in my archives. Guess where my archives are???? Thats right - in the backups. Got myself into a Catch22 there havent I.

    Sometimes I really do hate PCs. Not having a good day.:cry:
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  2. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    I 100% understand what you mean. I have these days at work sometimes. A problem after a problem and they never go away.
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  3. hippy

    hippy Kilobyte Poster

    RAID is a proper pain!!!

    i had something a little similar last night...

    my RAID array died on my last night, was in raid1 (OS drive) using the onboard controller. The worse part was all my pictures from travelling where on it... lets say i said a few 4 letter words and i will admit my fist had contact with my computer :oops:

    Anyway after changing the controller to IDE from RAID in BIOS i had to install windows on a random drive so i could use my computer again... and guess what!!!! After messing about with DNS and computer name conflicts on my DC i found the two drives in the array where fine!!! Stupid useless onboard controller... my comp is 4 years old and it just gave me an excuse to buy parts to build a quad core pc :P

    edit: Mehh im just venting :P dont worry about me lol

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