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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by tripwire45, Feb 19, 2004.

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    Well, I scored the job at hp. I work part time supporting the Human Factors Usability lab. Basically, the team tests website design usability by bringing in test subjects and observing their interaction with the site links and such. They've just put together a new gaze tracking system that will allow them to determine where on the screen the subject is looking. It's still not functioning yet and part of my job will be to get it up and running.

    When there's no testing, I study and do research and when they're testing, I'm gonna be really busy. The team travels all over the world but alas, I'll be staying at home when they go.

    It's a nice opportunity and allows me to have a steady job and write at the same time. Everyone is friendly and I've heard they're the best team at hp to work for. Finally, I'm a cog in the corporate machine. Ok, it's not networking as such, but I do have to support all the computers, servers, AV equipment and specialized software they use. Plus, most of them have a background in psychology so in some small way, I can use my original career in this position.

    I've been waiting on pins and needles for something to screw up but so far, it's been pretty seamless. I still don't have a computer but hopefully I'll get it tomorrow. They tell me the phone won't come for another week. This job doesn't have an expiration date so it's the first job in IT I've gotten that won't "go away" in a few days, weeks, or months. Everyone says it might lead to other opportunities at hp which would be nice. I'd like to think that I'll actually make a career out of this instead of just a series of jobs.
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    Gratz Trip, nice one on the new job :)
    that based in Boise? my gfs mom was thinking of going for a job at HP, not sure whats happening with that, lots of interviews and such, nothing as specialised as your role i think :)
    Keep us posted mate
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    Excellent news Trip, well done :thumbleft How is the writing going ?
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    Great News Trip :thumbleft All the best and good luck.
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    HP has a big printer complex here in Boise. A lot of the workers are contractors through Manpower Professional so one way to "get in" is to create an association with Manpower. They have a local office so you can make an appointment with one of the recruiters. You can also go online to see what jobs they currently have but it's better to already be signed up. If a recruiter thinks you have the qualifications, they'll call you about the job before it ever gets officially posted. Quite a number of regular HP employees started off as contractors on site. If you want the particulars, just PM me.

    Thanks for the support everyone. I have a flexible schedule this week so I'm gonna go in a bit later today. Once testing starts, watch out! :wink:
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    We're ready for a trip,

    Congrats on the job. hope everything gos well (I'msure it will) and you dont have any problems that you cant resolve without us confusing you further :silly
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  7. Jakamoko
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    Thats fantastic, Trip - I'm well pleased for you :clap You've deserved a break after the various let-downs and false promises you've been given since we've known you around here.

    Good luck, my Friend :D
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  8. tripwire45
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    I'm wrapping up my first week here. My scheduled meeting with the prior tech fell through when he was hauled off into meetings. Guess I'll have to pick it up again next week. Everyone seems friendly and easy to get along with. Now I just have to learn my job. :wink:
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  9. tripwire45
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    Thought I'd post an update. Doing fairly well but the heat's not on yet. Went out to my welcome lunch with the Manpower gang and since it's considered "team building" I get my lunch paid for and I get paid for going to lunch. I'm going to be the subject on a couple of dry run tests on Thursday and Friday. I can't manage to sync schedules with the previous tech but the dry runs should tell me a lot. Also, getting another writing project. This time I'll be writing test banks for A+ questions. I'm also doing a freebee writing a chapter on motherboards. Now I need to get back on the certification trail. I just have to decide what to study (like a kid in a candy all looks so good).
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    Well done with the job Tripwire45, excellent news.
    I went for a job that sounds exactly like what you've described.It would have handy knowing someone doing similar stuff, alas it wasn't to be for me.

    That doesn't matter, I'm just pleased for you :thumbleft

    Nice one :!:

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