How worried are you about Covid-19?

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Juelz, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Juelz

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    At first I brushed it off, but admittedly I am now slightly worried.. I remember things like Mad Cow disease and Swine Flu but never seen anything like this apart from in movies.

    I'm already bored in all honesty, everywhere is in lock-down there is nowhere to go and nothing to really do, I actually switched my Xbox on for the first time on yonks today as I was just so bored and usually I'd be at the gym or doing some sort of physical activity.

    They've closed my kids school also, which they think is great, and I'm hearing that they won't re-open until much later in the year.. absolutely crazy times (my kids think this is great news).
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    It is crazy isn’t it. Like you say. Doesn’t seem real. I know some Italians and believe me. It’s much worse there and I’ve just heard Spain too is in lockdown now.

    I’ve not panic bought shopping but of course I’m concerned. We are all working from home now and not going to customer sites.

    Panic helps no one so I’m feeling calm and not going anywhere I don’t need too. Social distance. It’s important to not get bored tho I think. I did some VCP study today as I’m going to get the latest then try again for a VCAP. Failed last time. I’ve enjoyed it to be honest.
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  3. aushus

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    Im actually on self isolation and it sucks
  4. Jaron78

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    To be brutally honest....I thought it was all a bit OTT.
    Now though, I am taking it VERY seriously. Once you see the big global corporations start to shut their doors, you know its a bad sign.

    Harrods has never ever shut its doors, even during the war. Harrods closed up last week.

    What worries me, is this the calm before the storm?
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  5. nisseki

    nisseki Byte Poster

    I don't think China is being honest with their numbers.

    Apparently China has lost over 21 million mobile subscriptions and thousands in Wuhan alone were queuing for their lost relatives ashes.
  6. zxspectrum

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    Well I should be worried but I am not if I am honest, having to present in front of people would scare me more, its strange the way my brain works. I have had a transplant and I take a lot of immuno suppressants so my system wont be that great at fighting this off, if it gets round here. Thankfully, I eat healthy (most of the time) and do a fair bit of exercise all of which helps fighting off infections.

    Doesnt mean I wont get it but I think I wont be as affected as someone who is in the same situation but doesnt exercise, smokes and drinks like a fish, however, on saying that, I aint taking chances. Im working form home, getting deliveries and go out for a 3-4 mile walk early in the morning to avoid people.

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  7. drum_dude

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    I'm worried about the economic impact of the panic measures which have been put in place. I'm worried about the massive increase in the money supply and I'm worried about what is going to happen when this is over. My main concern is with civil unrest.

    However, there has been some positives for me:

    - idiot neighbour with a barking dog and loud TV blasting 12 hours a day has been AWOL for the last 2 weeks
    - now the music has stopped, the "cash in hand" nuisance "business people" around here with 3-5 vans parked everywhere have found themselves without a chair.
    - I can actually park outside my own property
    - The sports/social club behind me has closed. That means no-more drunks screaming and shouting at 1am Fri, Sat & Sun and no more footballers waiting at the gate beeping their car horns at 8am on a Sat and Sun.

    The above are annoyances which have come about over the years and the attitude has been "if you complain, you are the problem and they are the victim"...that's how crazy this country has become. However, as I write this, it would seem that things around me have rewound back to where they were probably mid 80s - early 90s...and guys, it's total bliss!

    Enjoy the war, the peace is going to be hell.
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  8. MSJ Jeni

    MSJ Jeni Bit Poster

    I am worried most of the time. It makes me paranoid especially that my immune system is not that really good.
  9. zxspectrum

    zxspectrum Gigabyte Poster Gold Member

    In what way, do you have a health condition? Sorry for the personal question mind. Are you able to keep fit at all?
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