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How to stop Learnkey program keep checking drive and go to different location

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Sprinkles, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Sprinkles

    Sprinkles New Member

    I have just purchased some original, yes I paid for them Learnkey disks. I would like to copy the disk contents to my laptop hard drive and play the tutorials without having the Learnkey program keep checking if the disk is inserted in the DVD drive.

    Is there a way to stop the Learnkey program looking on the DVD drive and instead re-direct it to look on a location on the local hard drive. ?

    Thanks for your help :eek:
  2. Modey

    Modey Terabyte Poster

    Make an image of the DVD, maybe with Nero or some other similar program, then use a Virtual DVD emulator to mount the image. Like Daemon Tools which is free. If the disk is copy protected, you may find it difficult to create the image, and you may need something more specialised. Like Alcohol 120% or CloneDisk etc...

    Oh, and welcome to CF. :)
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