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How to get a job in I.T. with no experience.

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by spiffy7, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. spiffy7

    spiffy7 New Member

    I'm a freshman in college and i read an article here on certs forums that its best to get experience with your certifications and degrees. But i wanted to know how to get experience if no 1 will hire you cause u have no exp. other than just taking a few classes. Whats a good way to get an I.T. job while in school. And what are the job titles so i can check them out on Monster. Monster or CareerBuilder don't clearly say that you need a little experience to do this job its always some kind of cert. or degree etc.
    WIP: A.S. degree, A+, N+, CAN+,MCP,CCNA
  2. Mr.Kamwah

    Mr.Kamwah Bit Poster

    To get into IT without experience u need to go for a entry-level job, if it requires experience its not entry-level, Helpdesks and IT Support roles are the most common entry-level but they sometimes ask for experience still because no employer wants a clueless guy in there business lol.

    On to your other question, to get IT experience without an entry-level job is probably going to mean not getting paid, volunteering is probably the best way or maybe even freelancing if you're that confident.
    WIP: A+

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