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    This question is asked over and over and the answer is pretty simple. For the sake of those who will ask it again, I'm pinning this thread here with the links to VUE and Prometric. Once you are on their home page, click the link to "find a test centre (or "center" as the case may be) and you'll be able to find the exam office closest to you. Good luck.


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    Maybe this is the time to share a little project I've been working on for the last month or two (in between study sessions!)...

    For those of you who use Autoroute 2002 (it may even work with more recent versions of AR?) this is a set of pushpins to locate most of the VUE/Prometric testing centres - the find nearby places is great to locate the nearest testing centres within, say, 30 miles of your current location!

    Note it's still work in progress... I know there are a lot of test centres not included yet and, so far, only mainland UK is included. Square pins indicate only the road that the test centre is on (round pushpins are the actual location). If anyone would like to pinpoint the exact locations please get in touch with me.

    When it's more upto date and accurate I'll do other versions - I even plan on converting to ov2 for all you TomTom Navigators (wow, spoken directions to the door of your favourite test centre!)
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    cool, that just showed me in about 5 seconds flat that my nearest one is less than 2 miles away - never would have known otherwise (maybe)... certainly not in any of the local it centres or colleges etc where i would have expected it to be!
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