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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by ant2005uk, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. ant2005uk

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    Judging from this information on the security applications I have, how secure would you say my machine is? Is there anything else or anything differant you would recommend?

    I use the Zonealarm free version for my firewall, is this enough? or would you perhaps recommend upgrading to the pro version or something else?

    For my antivirus software I use Norton 2005, it is auto set to download updates and check for them every 24 hours.

    I use webroot spy sweeper 3.2 for the detection and removal of spyware.

    Trojanhunter for my ant trojan program and also have the advanced anti keylogger application to prevent spyware from logging keystrokes and prevent any keylogger in use on my machine logging keystrokes. I downloaded this from spydex.

    I have a free version of a squared personnel for detection and removal of worm viruses and malware.
  2. ant2005uk

    ant2005uk Byte Poster

    I also have win xp set to auto download windows updates and I have closed windows file and print sharing to prevent netbios attacks. Im not sure whether I should install the win xp service pack 2 as I have heard bad things from people who installed it.
  3. Jakamoko
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    Hey Ant, have a look at GRC's SHIELDS UP site for some tests you can do to check out your security

    Should be of interest to you ...HTH :D
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  4. Bluerinse
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    Zonealarm is good IMHO, but so is the built in firewall in XP.

    Check out the Shields Up site

    They have tons of info on protecting your PC and can actively probe all of your ports and give you a report on how your PC responds.

    You might want to download Spywareblaster (free), as it blocks spyware from installing in the first place

    SP2 will give you more protection, so if you are paranoid, you should install it :biggrin


    Edit - I see Gav pipped me to the post by one minute :D
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  5. Phoenix
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    Unfortunatly the security of a system can't really be determined by the products installed, but by the user using the system, if you are passionate and serious about educating yourself to stay secure, and keep up to date, as well as following best practice, and being paranoida bout what you click/dont click, then you are on the right track, and that enlightenment will be far more beneficial than any programs installed

    (to make an example of this, i dont have anti virus, anti spam or anti spyware software installed on my system, at all, and i do a ton of file sharing, downloading, and browsing (totalling a few gigs a day on busy days)

    the user is the wink link in the security chain, and you alone can improve that link :)

    you definatly seem on the right track, the the choices you have made are a good layer of defense, but never forget to keep yourself posted on the latest developments, and be prepared for them
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  6. Gaz 45

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    Ha. Checked my comp on the Sheilds UP! site and apparently I have perfect security (i.e. everything in super-duper mega stealth mode), which is actually slightly worrying as nothing's perfect right...
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  7. ant2005uk

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    mine says the same, though I dont see how anyone can have 'perfect security' on the internet and especialley after last night im getting very paranoid - read my latest post.

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