How pretty good privacy implements authentication and confidentiality?

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  1. I need materials to study pretty good privacy.I need how authentication and confidentiality is done explanations with a block diagram.

    I picked up a keyword “pretty good privacy” “authentication” “confidentiality”

    I searched the zlibrary website for text search. Downloaded lots of books, but none of them had this information.

    I searched for the same keyword but again did not found relevant books.

    Then I searched google. While there are plenty of materials, I am not really satisfied with them.

    I couldn't share my resources as link sharing wasn't allowed.

    If you have some good legacy books or sth where you have both explanations and figures of these cases, could you share it? Would be really useful for me.

    Or if this topic is in your mind already, you could share it here in this forum as well directly.
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    Maybe try and understand the topic and formulate an original answer rather than trying to cut and paste from google?

    While this forum is here to help people, you are supposed to do your own homework if in a school program.

    It will help if you understand :
    1. Asymetric and symetric encryption, Ciphers, Block Ciphers, etc
    2. Key exchange or distribution
    3. Hashing and Digital signatures

    Some basic math can help in understanding the fundamentals. Things like one way function vs two way functions, domain of function, etc.

    You could try something like this:
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