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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dirtyh, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. dirtyh

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    Hello all been a while but still read the forums.
    Anyway does anyone know how much memory is needed to open a 500m/b database Access i think.
    At the moment my freinds pc with 512 memory wont open this,as he's ordered a new pc from me should i put in one or two g/b of memory.

    He will be useing it mainly for running scripts and web design.

    any ideas are welcome

    thanks harry
  2. Phoenix
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    personally 2gb is overkill if thats your only reason for getting it
    im not entirely sure why you cant open the file with 512mb
    i can open gig access files with 512mb of memory
    and had no problem with anything with a gig

    512mb should open the file no problems
    1gb is standard for anything heavy these days though, so i'd go with that anyway
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  3. Japes

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    Sounds more like the DB was created for use with an older version of Access (ie Access97 or 2000 and he's using Office/Access XP) rather than there being anything wrong with the hardware.

    Was a conversion of the DB done?

    Try the following

    Open explorer find the file and make a backup copy of the file (shouldn't be needed but always worth being safer than sorry)

    Goto Tools drop down menu in Access
    select: Database utilities
    select: Convert Database
    select: To current ........
    Find the original MDB file and let it do its thing

  4. tripwire45
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    I tend to agree with the consensus...512 megs of ram should be plenty. Sounds like either an incompatibility with the application or a corrupted file.
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  5. Luton Bee

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    Without wishing to denegrate Japes's idea, I would recommend you try this on a backup copy of the .mdb file first as you may find it doesn't open in the later version of Access either and conversion tends to be one way only.
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