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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by SimonD, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I often see posts popping up on forums asking how long it should take someone to learn subject A, the problem with the question is this:-

    Every single persons ability to take on subject matter is different and as such no one can really give you an honest answer.

    As an example I once sat a Security+ exam with 100 questions on it, my training to pass that exam was taken over 2 days, the instructor started talking about various subjects and once he realised I knew that part of the subject we moved on. When I sat the exam I took 20 minutes from start to finish to go through that exam and I passed with a score that left little doubt on my knowledge of the subject matter but I know other people who took weeks to learn and pass that exam but because of my background I had it easier and quicker.

    Everyone needs to understand that asking how long it should take to learn a subject is going to vary from person to person and really the best person to answer that question is actually the person asking it, why? well that person already knows their learning ability, they know how good they are at reading books and using labs, at the theory and practical sides of things and as such they should already have an inkling as to how much work is required to learn a new subject to the best of their abilities.

    Please understand we aren't trying to be harsh or difficult here, as the saying goes "one man's meat is another man's poison" and it's true, just because it took person A 46.5 hours to learn brain surgery doesn't mean that person B will be able to do the same (or even actually learn brain surgery (it's bloody and messy, some people have a reaction to that much blood and brain matter)).

    Remember, go at the pace that works for you, don't rush things and expect that just because someone says it can be done in x hours that you can do it in that time. Don't beat yourself up if you fail an exam 2 or 3 times and don't understand subjects, it happens.
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    I think we should have a massive FAQ posted to the top of each board, with things like this in it.


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