How does the new Microsoft 365 certifications work?

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by zeroberg, Mar 29, 2019.

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    I have been studying for 70-346/70-347 for a couple of months now (slow paced) and a couple of weeks back I learned about the retirement of those two this april.
    I've been looking into the new certificates, MS-100 and perhaps MS-101. It is my understanding that MS-100 alone replaced both 346 & 347, is that correct? I dont know if anyone have finished MS-100 yet, but if you did, is it enough if my knowledge level is in line with 346 & 347 or are there more fields included in this new cert?

    I've also heard that you can take these certificates from home using a computer with a webcam, anyone tried that?

    Bonus question, Microsofts names everything as "Microsoft 365" on their exams website, is that going to replace Office 365 entirely? As I understand it, Microsoft 365 is Windows 10 and Office 365 combined as SaaS?

    Hope I didnt confuse you guys. Thanks.
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    Hi, I've not got experience with those exams but I've sat a few from home now. It's a really good experience and saves you travel and expense. The only thing I'd say is to make sure you have a quiet compfortable space to sit a remote exam. In my case I had to show the exam proctor around my room with my camera to show them that I didn't have notes on a whiteboard or another person sat with me telling me answers. Interesting comments on Office 365 vs Microsoft 365. Hopefully someone on here knows. For a time we had a guy who works for Microsoft on here, @Shinigami, he'd know
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    yes offcourse it works

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