How does DHCP client knows that DHCP acknowledgement is intended to it?

Discussion in 'CCENT / CCNA' started by oslon, Feb 6, 2024.

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    Let's discuss the "DORA" of DHCP.

    1) Discover
    Client broadcasts that "I want IP address".
    Destination IP address=All 0s.
    Destination hardware address=All Fs.
    Source hardware address=DHCP Client address

    2) Offer

    Server/s makes an offer.
    Destination hardware address=client's mac address
    So that client knows the offer is for it.
    It also should contain server's IP address/es.

    3) Request

    Client broadcasts DHCP request packet.

    This includes,
    DHCP Server's IP address so that other can cool down their IP address so client gets from who it wants.
    Client's hardware address so that client hardware->IP address mapping can be done.
    Destination address is All Fs, so that all hosts receive the notification.

    4) Acknowledgement.

    I am following TCP/IP foundations by Black and I'm confused how will the client know that the acknowledgement came for it?
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    try this site with the protocol logic:
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