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How do you guys deal with Rude\Arrogant\Annoying people in the workplace

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by warrmr, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. warrmr

    warrmr Byte Poster

    im asking this as i have just started working for quite a large company as a tier 1 support analsyst. i reqire security clearance for the job they employed me for so while im waiting for it the have assigned me to another contract,

    as they only have a MET desk in birmingham they sent the 3 of us to scotland for 2 weeks training. the two guys the sent me up there with both have computing degrees and i have 2 MCPs so we are all at similar skill levels.

    This is where things start to get annoying. when we were all sent up there we had never met so it was up to ourselves to sort out meeting times ect, all the information we had was our flight times the times were were in the office the taxi firm and each others names.

    so i arrive on the tuesday night after both of the other guys so i have to call one of them to find out what time the taxi is booked for and other info. now as their names are both Asian names i had a very hard time trying to work out how to pronounce them. anyways i managed to get this guys room number and give him a call, i was greeted with "Uggh 8:30 see you in the morning bye" now i didnt call at an unreasnoable hour as it was about 9pm. From now on i will refer to this guy as the Usless Waste of Space (UWOS)

    all during training the UWOS was trying to show up our trainer, she is there to teach us about the applications we need to do our jobs and thats all she knows about. so the UWOS was asking her about network topoligys and how the internal network was designed. ( now i for one can work out most of those details myself if i wanted to)

    then the friday on the plane home he kept throwing peanuts at me when i was trying to sleep.

    now skip forwards to the next week when we are stopping in a different hotel.

    we arrive at the office 11am monday morning work through to 5pm get out into the reception and find out that our taxi had been and gone 1 hour before ( who ever booked it cocked up) so we had to wait till 5:30 for the taxi ( not a problem for me and the quite one) but UWOS was moaning for the entire 30 mins.

    we then get to the hotel and there had been a **** up with the payment ( no one faxed the company credit card over to the hotel. so once again UWOS was moaning, he called up our Ops manager and told him what was hapening at the hotel and blew it all out of proportion.

    next morning we have issues with the taxis that continue all week.

    now every day on the way to work for the entire week we have to listen to UWOS moan about another guy from our company "Stealing" our taxi. and every day on the way back to the hotel we hear about the taxi being 30 mins late.

    now skip to the 3rd week where we are back in our home office and they have sorted the 3 of us out a desk were we dont need clearance. so they fly a team leader down to the birmingham office along with an analyst. we get our 75 question test that everyone has to take before there alowed to go live on the phones on our own. i pass with bang on 75% the quiet guy gets 43% and the UWOS who for the last 2 weeks was saying how easy and "GCSE level" everything was only got 23%. so we went and made some notes ready for the retests the next day. they resat there tests and the quiet guy got 85% ( top mark) and UWOS got 42%

    the team leader kept asking how to map a network drive every day for the next week till he got the answer correct. now im sure if you tell some one once how to do it they should be able to rememeber.

    so the team leader has decided that she has concerns about him going live ot customers he has to sit more training so has to go back to scotland. and as a result of that me and the quiet guy has to go aswell because the call volume that will be forwarded to us will be to high to cope with between 2 people.

    the UWOS talks out of his A-Hole most of the time for example
    he has an Amex Platinum card with no limet ( if he was able to get that why has he taken a job paying £14,500)
    he has 6 mortages ( well if he can afford that why is he taking a first line job)
    all his cousins are driving Feraris.
    there plenty more bull come out of him in the last 3 weeks.

    so now for the rudeness/aragonce.

    when walking through doors he wont hold it for the person behind him he will just walk through with his hands in his pocket ( its common courtecy)

    he stole my "swipe" ( at the birmingham office there are turnstyles where yo uhave to put your pin and then swipe your security pass to get in. so i have put my pin in and then swiped my card and the UWOS has just walked straight through the turnstyle. now i cant get in because he has used me swipe the only way for me to get in now is to swipe out and back in. so i have gone mad at him in the lobby. i was close to lamping him and probly would have if i wasnt in work. )

    he constanly talks about himself and his family

    i have to becarefull on what i say to him as one slight slip of the toung and he could have me done for racisum. ( not that im racist but i can sometimes say stuff without thinking. Eg when joking aroung with my white mates i might say something along the lines of "safe me nggr wha gwans blood" but if a black guy was in the room he would most likley take offence so i have to be carefull on what i say when people are around. that may show up my ignorance. )

    i am actually quite concerned that when they do send the 3 of us back to birmingham that he is going to be more of a hinderance than a help when it comes to answering the calls. as in he will be constanly asking me and the other guy for help on his calls while we are busy ( we only have to take an average of 90 calls a day that 30 calls each at 4 per hour. )

    so short of lamping the UWOS or makeing him feel more of an idiot than he is what can i do.
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  2. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    Each person is different in terms of dealing with idiots like that dude that is working with you. However if it were me, I would make it very clear to him to not disrespect me or my job, and if he has a problem to get the **** out of my face (but in a more respectful way without swearing because it is a work environment). Also if he still does not understand why you feel the way you do then you can simply consult your employer and explain the situation.
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  3. Bambino1506

    Bambino1506 Megabyte Poster

    Tossers like this get whats coming to them in the end. Keep your distance, keep your ass covered and be sure not to ever put your neck on the line for him in work by covering for his sh1t etc.

    Best of luck in your job mate.
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  4. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    I would have a quiet word with him and tell him he is poiling it for you and the other lad, keep eye contatc with him at all times so he know you are being serious.

    If he maintain his current attitude after a few hours then talk to your supervisor but dont say he is pissing me off and he is spoiling it for us. Try to be diplomatic and say that you and the other lad are being distracted by his attitude and if possible get the other lad to back you up.

    Good luck mate
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  5. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    where I work...a mate of mine had a similar issue with one guy who was working there.

    He told him right from the start he didnt like him...he told him exactly what he thought of him...and everything he did think of him turned out to be true...he was a complete twerp and thought he was above everyone else and wouldnt lend any help to others...

    luckily for my mate (who was close to leaving at one point) the guy left for a new job...and I got his job after my contract was up at the college...:biggrin so yeah tell him he should stay the **** away from u or it will get bad...and if he keeps on going at it...just tell ur manager...
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  6. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    Read Dilbert.

    It helps me stay sane...
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  7. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    Knock him out next time 8)

    So he is up to his eyes in debt, big deal.

    Total BS

    Again, total BS.

    Just stay out his way mate, focus on your own job and eventually he will leave anyway. Problem solved. 8)
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  8. zebulebu

    zebulebu Terabyte Poster

    Agree with Sparks - chin the fecker. Trust me, you'll feel better for it :biggrin

    Seriously - you'd better get used to pr1cks like that - this industry is full of them. Thankfully it seems to be getting a bit better in the past couple of years - a lot of the tools that got into IT a few years back have sodded off to do something more approaching their talent level (like selling things door to door, or estate agency, or IT recruitment). There's still a helluva lot of wide boys around though - the law of averages says you'll be working with at least some of them.
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  9. onoski

    onoski Terabyte Poster


    QFT, but just use wisdom because at the end of the day they are in every field and work of life:)
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  10. warrmr

    warrmr Byte Poster

    I must have been quite lucky then working in pubs, as most of the idiots you come accross in that trade are the people who drink there. the pub im working at part time is like one big happy family everyone loves everyone except the odd bit of bitchyness but nothing more than a broter/sister would give each other.

    Thanx for the advice. im just banking on that we are all on "conditional" contracts till we get SC and CTC cleared. If we dont cut the mustard here then we dont have a job and they dont need to give a reason as were all still on probation also if we dont get clearance we dont have a job unless we Excel enough that they want us to run the desk in aston for the newbies while there awaiting clearance.

    i dont think this guy will get security clearance as if he bullshits to us then he wont have told the truth on his forms and if hes in that much debt with 6 mortages and a amex platinum (yes it is probaly bullshit but if he keeps telling people that then he will start to beleve it.) then he will fail the financeal checks as likley to be fradulant.

    and the team leader that was sent down to tlook after us also thinks he is a UWOS aswell but is slightly more diplimatic about it than we are.

    thanx for the advice guys, i just wanted to see how other people would react in this situation shot of lamping him. and i think i will spend more time reading dilbert and BOFH
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  11. Mathematix

    Mathematix Megabyte Poster

    Since when do two MCPs equal a computing degree? :eek:
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  12. drum_dude

    drum_dude Gigabyte Poster

    LOL, that's what I thought too!

    Who is this company you work for?? Plane trips, taxi rides and hotels all for a helpdesk role @ £14,500???

    If he's as crap as you say then the employer will let him go!

    Also, when he braggs about his debt remind him that he'll most likely fail SC as being in massive debt can make you more likely to accept cash bribes!

    Whatever you do don't be violent or swear as it'll be YOU that get's the bullet!
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  13. warrmr

    warrmr Byte Poster


    The companys CapGemini teh contract we are working on currently is PriceWaterhouse Cooper. When we get security clearance we will get bumped upto the Met Police contract.

    I worked it out that they are spending on average just under £1000 for each week im in scotland for.
    Flight £307
    Hotel £400 @ £100 per night.
    Food Allowance £120 @ £30 per day.
    Taxis £84

    so there spending some serious money on us for helpdesk skivvies.
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  14. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    I had the same thing when I started on a helpdesk, after the training is over it changed to a regular helpdesk job though. Then I left! :biggrin
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  15. drum_dude

    drum_dude Gigabyte Poster

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! You work for Crap Gemini over Aston? I did a week stint there on the Exel logisitics help desk! Ended up leaving to go to shITNET over in Bournville!

    I fricken hated it at Crap! The toilets on that floor are where most conduct their telephone interviews for other jobs! I laughed my arse off when I first went in and could here peeps answering HR interview questions over the phone! I did my shITNET phone interview in there!

    Get your SC and then get the fook out of Crap asap! I see their wages are still shite!!!! Get your arse to Serco shITNET and you'll get more then double!

    BTW, where I work now we have the Met contract for the building managment! Didn't realise Crap did the IT for the organisation - fortunatley the building management staff come to us instead of Crap.
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  16. drum_dude

    drum_dude Gigabyte Poster

    I seem to remember the supervisor (or whatever they're called) was a nasty piece of work on the PWC desk. It was just across the way from me and I could always here it gobbing off at various newbies! The one on my desk was extremely rude too! I was glad to see the back of the place!
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  17. warrmr

    warrmr Byte Poster

    They moved the PwC desk away form aston abotu 5 years ago, and now there bringing it back hence why there are only 3 people on this desk when they turn the phone switch on :S

    Dont worry i have an escape plan to get me out of Cap it involves me getting MCSA +Messaging then my escape plan drops into action, but i cant really say much more than that as i already know to much and i knwo that the powers above read this forum. but what i can say is my escape plan Guarentes me a minimum of £3500 a year more than im on now + bonuses.

    When you worked at Cap was the building as empty as it is now. the whole of the seccond floor is empty. and it just seems like there running the place with sceliton staff.
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  18. Suttar

    Suttar Byte Poster

    We had to deal with a similar guy who was completely inept when I worked front line. Basically what we did was note every f*** up he made and pass it on to our supervisor. Eventually he got sacked for being a complte waste of space. Although I would warn you it took several months and about 5 or 6 people complaining about him continually. On a more personal level I just stopped talking to the guy, if he talked to me I kept conversation to a minimum. At one point I had to show the guy 5 times how to use a pretty simple program and he stilled messed it up, then tried to claim that I had never sjhown him how to do it. He very nearly got a punch for that one.
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  19. drum_dude

    drum_dude Gigabyte Poster

    Well only half of the second floor was empty in that all that was there was Exel, PWC and British Energy.

    I would imagine that the they have shifted a lot to India and Inverness! I was on 6 quid an hour back then...I must have been nuts!
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  20. grim

    grim Gigabyte Poster

    can you not voice your concern to your manager and explain what a complete [email protected] he is and that you'll take him out back and "sort" the problem :dry

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