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How did you decide what to specialise in?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by adj10, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. adj10

    adj10 New Member

    What shall I do?

    I'm a very creative person so I'm interested in web design.
    I like thinking and problem solving and have always enjoyed helping family and friends with computer-related issues so perhaps being an IT systems engineer/technical support person would be good?

    I'm not sure about programming, against I like thinking, problem solving etc but I'm not so great with maths. I got an A at GCSE but when I did additional maths which is quite a bit like A level Maths I didn't understand anything whatsoever even with tuition and got a U (but this was 5 years ago).

    I would just like to get training so I can get working but obviously if I'm not sure I can't just jump into something.

    How did people figure out what area in IT they wanted to specialise in?

    I'm thinking to do a computing degree with the OU because I already have a degree and can't afford to go back to uni (haven't got the money and can't find a job).

    I've been considering the CCNA, COMPTIA A+ and network + courses but realise I can't do that yet if I'm not sure.

    What would you suggest for me to do? A computer science/computing degree so I can get a taste of the different fields? Lots of short courses maybe?

    (sorry my answer is so poorly structured, had to type this in a hurry).
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010

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