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    how are the mcse exams?...............i heard they were changing them........are they just mulitpule choice? i heard they added some type of simulation where you have to do the actual task they tell you to? ...........also..........whats the score range on this? highest score and minium?
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    I guess it depends on the exam that you'll do, I've done several already, majority are multiple choice, a few aren't. So far all the exams that I've taken the pass mark has been 700, the maximum is 1000. The questions on the exams are not equally weighted. There has been a few mini simulations - but I guess it all boils down to what exam you do, sorry can't be more help than that.

    Not being nosey/pushy, tell me to mind my own business if you wish, but wouldn't it be more better to go one step at a time, i.e. MCDST -> MCSA -> MCSE, and get a feel for the exams that way. Don't know what you have already, but hope you get what you want.

    Have fun...
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