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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by Jaffa, Aug 17, 2004.

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    Just in the middle of setting up a new test environment for my studying and was wondering what other people have?? At the moment I've got a laptop, server and am thinking about sourcing another desktop machine as well. Also apart from the exercises that are in the studying books does anyone know of good sites to get practice labs????

    Once again guys, thanks for any replies

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    Morning Jaffa,

    I have a similar setup -
    1PC for Sever Use with Several Partitions for different
    versions of W2K3 & W2K.
    1 PC as Client
    1 Laptop as a client.

    This works well as I'm short on space. I also use a KVM
    for the 2 PC's, so I only have to use 1 monitor, keyboard etc

    I've been just using the books & plenty of playing !

    MufftaK [​IMG]
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    Currently, my network lab is in VMWare but that's a fairly pricey option and not for everyone just starting out (see VMWare thread in the Software forum). I started out with a couple of old IBMs and a very old HP ProLiant Server. They ran slower than heck but they were free. The instructor I studied under when I was in school was a master at rescuing old equipment that local businesses were literally about to throw in the dumpster. Also, a lot of old equipment was just donated to the Department and they made perfect practice machines.

    My old lab has long since gone the way of the Dodo bird but I remember it fondly. I still use the old IBM 10 mbps switch I originally used in the lab for my little home network today. I'll eventually retire it but for a very nominal purchase fee, I can't complain about its performance.
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