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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Hulk, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Hulk

    Hulk New Member

    Hi everyone!

    Im a printer by trade and i am looking into doing a home study course in web design to change career.
    I am currently considering doing a course with "Home learning direct" and was wondering if anyone has any experiences with them?
    I sent off for some more information on the course after a leaflet came through my door. Shortly afterwards i got a phone call from one of thier reps asking to come to my house and discuss it further which i agreed to do. The rep was pleasant and the course did look good to me and costed £1200 for an ACITP qualification. I told him i was interested and would think about it and asked for some written information he could leave with me. He did not have anything to leave??
    After about a week, one of their customer sales team phoned me and offered me the course half price?? I asked them why it is now half price and she said they get a monthly budget to "Help" certain people such as the elderly or single parents (Which i am none of either). This sounded very suspicious to me. She proceeded to try to get me to start setting up the account then and there which i did not want to do as i had nothing in writing. So she said she will send me the forms to sign and get it moving. Once again i told her i wanted written information on their company and about the course which she said they didnt have anything to send other than a basic course discription.
    Anyway, she has sent me the forms which have not got home learning directs name anywhere on them? it is just a finance agreement with a finance company and there is still no written contract to say what im getting for my money? I have since had another phone call asking me to hurry up and send the forms back signed and send ALL of the copies back and NOT to date the cheque??
    I am now rapidly losing interest and alarm bells are ringing in my head telling me to steer well clear of this company!

    Apart from all my paranoia, the course did look quite good and affordable.
    Could someone please let me know if they have had any experiences with Home Learning Direct? Im soo scared that im going to get ripped off by them!!

    Also is an ACITP certificate regognized within the web design industry?

    Many thanks

  2. supag33k

    supag33k Kilobyte Poster

    I dont know them from a bar of soap but my alarm bells would be ringing as well.

    It sounds like the company is using the association to hide behind to promote their wares, note that the association [from what I can tell on the website] does not endorse IT training companys as such.

    I would back away if unsure of the situation and speak to an independent recruiting compnay as they can tell you the relative worth of this qualification you are having pushed down your throat, and also possibly suggest a better alternative to get your IT career going.

    Note that the most expensive IT training courses are the well thought out and comphrehensive courses that address what the industry needs.

    For instance I spent upwards of $10,000 over 4 years in self paced study, MOC and books/manuals/computers for my qualifications, fortunately work now pays for a lot of this training.


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  3. moominboy

    moominboy Gigabyte Poster

    i'd have to agree with this mate, if you get any feeling that it's not quite what it seems back off and research the company more.

    but i wouldn't say that expensive=decent, from what ive read on a lot of threads here and personal experience most companies seem to be offering identical courses for a wide variety of prices and some of the dearest have been given a few complaints on these pages.

    as for them halving the price, then id definitely be wary because i cant think of any business that would cut their income by half for the elderly?? unless it was government subsidised

    hth mate. :biggrin :biggrin
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  4. lindy848

    lindy848 New Member

    Hi Hulk,

    I'm not sure if we're talking about the same place, but I'm studying at Home Learning College, they even have a website & I've been studying with them for quite a while. I live in South AFrica, but their service is great & I really enjoy studying there. I'm studying VB.Net programming for an ACITP Diploma.

    Home learning direct also sounds familiar though. Even though they might exist & are not necessarily ripping you off, I suggest you still get some more information from them, especially some kind of form or letter with their company name, address & tel no. If they're are who they say they are, they SHOULD have that information & shouldn't have to push you to pay for anything you're not sure of. If they say it's urgent that you pay NOW, then tell them the quicker they give you some more information the quicker they'll get paid.

    Ask them for a website address as well if they have one. But don't pay until you're sure about it!

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